Geophysical Surveys for Saltwater Intrusion Assessment Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Electromagnetic Induction Methods

صفحه 1-20
Danial Mansourian؛ Asieh Hamidi؛ Esmael Makarian؛ Pedram Namazifard؛ Maryam Mirhashemi


Airborne Geophysical Data Interpretation of Nkalagu and Abakaliki Regions of the Lower Benue Trough, Nigeria: Implication for Mineral Potentiality

صفحه 21-32
.Ejike K Nnaemeka؛ .Johnson C Ibuot؛ .Daniel N Obiora؛ Suleiman Taufiq


Spatial and Temporal Variation of Seismic Ambient Noise in Tehran Region for Frequency Range 1-30 Hz

صفحه 33-45
Mehrasa Masih؛ Zaher Hossein Shomali؛ Esmaeil Bayramnejad


The Magnitude Threshold for Detecting Recorded Earthquakes in Tehran's Accelerometer Networks

صفحه 47-54
Mehrasa Masih؛ Hossein Kianimehr؛ Zaher Hossein Shomali؛ Esmaeil Bayramnejad


Magnetotelluric Evidence for Electrical Anisotropy in the Sabalan Geothermal Reservoir, Northwestern Iran

صفحه 55-65
Zahra Sadat Mirhadi؛ Banafsheh Habibian Dehkordi


Long-Short Rupture Boundary of Coseismic Displacement Estimation Based on 30-Seconds GNSS Observation

صفحه 67-76
Agan Aul Rizki؛ Cecep Pratama؛ Leni Sophia Heliani؛ Adi Wibowo؛ David Prambudi Sahara


Prediction of Water Saturation by FSVM using Well Logs in a Gas Field

صفحه 77-86
Nastaran Moosavi؛ Majid Bagheri؛ Majid Nabi-Bidhendi؛ Reza Heidari


Source Fault Analyses from InSAR Data and Aftershocks for the Fin Doublet Earthquakes on 14 November 2021 in Hormozgan Province, South Iran

صفحه 87-97
Mehdi Rezapour؛ Mohammad Reza Jamalreyhani


Modelling Thermal Convection of Earth Mantle with Aspect Code

صفحه 99-106
Nazila Asaadi؛ Samaneh Norouzi


Markov Chain Monte Carlo Non-linear Geophysical Inversion with an Improved Proposal Distribution: Application to Geo-electrical Data

صفحه 107-124
Zahra Tafaghod Khabaz؛ Reza Ghanati


Calibration of IASPEI Standard Broad-band Magnitude mB for Iranian Plateau Earthquakes

صفحه 125-135
Mehran Kiani؛ Ali Moradi


3D Surface Heat Flow, Low-Temperature Basins and Curie Point Depth of the Iranian Plateau: Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Iron Deposits

صفحه 137-150
Naeim Mousavi؛ Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani


Internet Application for Interactive Visualization of Geophysical and Space Data: Approach, Architecture, Technologies

صفحه 151-160
.Andrei V Vorobev؛ .Anatoliy A Soloviev؛ .Vyacheslav A Pilipenko؛ .Gulnara R Vorobeva


The Comparison of MODIS Land Surface Temperature with Meteorological Stations Measurements in Iran

صفحه 161-172
Masoud Moradi؛ Bromand Salahi


Spatial Analysis of PM2.5 Concentration over Iraq during 2003-2020

صفحه 173-182
M. Wid Sadar؛ H. Monim Al-Jiboori؛ K. Yaseen Al-Timimi


The Effect of Dust Aerosols on Some Meteorological Parameters in Two Dry and Humid Areas

صفحه 183-195
Roohalah Solgi؛ Majid Mazraeh Farahani؛ Maryam Gharaylou


The Effect of Variations of EEJ on the Ionospheric TEC at Different Longitudinal Sectors using Ground-based Observation

صفحه 197-220
Alemayehu Mengesha Cherkos؛ Melessew Nigussie


Effect of Nonextensive Perturbation on Ion Acoustic Solitons

صفحه 221-229
Hamid Reza Pakzad

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