Mineralogical and physico-chemical characterization of gypsiferous semi-arid soils in the north of Urmia, Iran

صفحه 1-15
L. Pashei؛ Sh. Manafi


Mitigation of Salt Stress by Mycorrhizal Inoculation on Nitraria schoberi as a Native Landscape Plant in the Arid regions

صفحه 16-27
Z. Karimian؛ L. Samiei


Assessment of agricultural drought using MODIS derived FAO's agriculture stress index system (ASIS) over the Iran croplands

صفحه 29-41
P. Asgarzadeh؛ F. Hamedi؛ O. Rojas


Promotion of the seedling growth (Nitraria scoberi L.) in cultivating trays and seedling bag

صفحه 43-53
S. H. Kaboli؛ N. Ebrahimi Mohmmad Abadi؛ F. Rejali؛ A. Zolfaghari


Application of soil mulches on establishment and growth of native and commercial tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) in an arid environment

صفحه 55-69
F. Kazemi؛ M. Jozay؛ F. Salahshoor؛ H. Farhadi


An Ecological Agricultural Model Using Fuzzy AHP and PROMETHEE II Approach

صفحه 71-83
P. Dehghan؛ H. Azarnivand؛ H. Khosravi؛ Gh. Zehtabian؛ A. Moghaddamnia


Assessment of spatial interpolation techniques for drought severity analysis in Salt Lake Basin

صفحه 85-97
Amir R. Keshtkar؛ N. Moazami؛ A. Afzali


Effect of water stress on morphological traits, mucilage percentage and yield of Alyssum homolocarpum

صفحه 99-113
M. Zaferanieh؛ B. Mahdavi


Dust Distribution and Emission Modeling (Study Area: Mahshahr Area)

صفحه 115-125
H. Mohammad Asgari؛ Z. Mansouri


Investigation of Cd, Pb, and Ni contamination in soil and wheat plant in alluvial lands of Tigris River in southern Baghdad, Iraq.

صفحه 127-138
T. Salman؛ A. Karimi؛ E. Mahmoudabadi

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