Designing a Conceptual Framework for Digital Employee Experience

صفحه 669-680
Yasaman Gheidar؛ Mehdi ShamiZanjani


How Psychosocial Indicators Push Millennials to Intend Leaving Their Job: A Study of Generational Differences in Iranian Organizations

صفحه 681-698
Rezvan Sahraee؛ Haslinda Binti Abdullah؛ Fatemh Bagherian


Designing a Model of Personal Branding for Employees With an Emphasis on Organizational Training: The Case of the Administrative Staff of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

صفحه 699-720
Robab Mollaei؛ Seyed Ali Siadat؛ Reza Hoveida؛ Jalal Rizaneh


Entrepreneurial Emotions on Start-Up Process Behavior among University Students

صفحه 721-733
Nor Hafiza Othman؛ Norasmah Othman


Resilient Supply Chain Under Risks: A Network and Structural Perspective

صفحه 735-760
Mohammad Hossein Dehghani Sadrabadi؛ Abbasali Jafari Nodoushan؛ Ali Bozorgi-Amiri


Analyzing the Impact of Export Orientations on Export Performance Through Innovation and Internationalization: The Mediation-Moderation Model

صفحه 761-776
Ali Kazemi؛ Alireza Rousta؛ Abdollah Na’ami


Work-Family Enrichment as a Silver Lining of Work-Family Interface in the Academic Society: Causes and Consequences

صفحه 777-798
Elham Ebrahimi


The Impact of Persian News on Stock Returns Through Text Mining Techniques

صفحه 799-816
Zahra Azizi؛ Neda Abdolvand؛ Hassan Ghalibaf Asl؛ Saeedeh Rajaee Harandi


Identification of the Most Critical Factors in Bankruptcy Prediction and Credit Classification of Companies

صفحه 817-834
Gholamreza Jandaghi؛ Alireza Saranj؛ Reza Rajaei؛ Ahmadreza Ghasemi؛ Reza Tehrani


Customer Well-Being in Banking Industry: Conceptualization and Antecedences

صفحه 835-855
Mohammad Sadegh Eshaghi؛ Bahram Ranjbarian؛ Azarnoush Ansari

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