The Qur’ānic Reasons for the Authoritativeness of Traditions in Response to the Evidences Presented by Aḥmad Ṣubḥī Manṣūr for Qur’ānism

صفحه 1-23
Ṣamad Abdullāhī ‘Ābid؛ Sayf‘alī Zāhidīfar؛ Suhrāb Chūpānī


The Mystic View on the Possibility of Discussing the Divine Essence and the Criticism of its Opposing Theory (of ‘Allāmah Ṭabātabā’ī)

صفحه 25-37
Mas‘ūd Ḥājī Rabī‘


The “Autonomy Principle” in Islamic Medical Ethics, with an Emphasis on the Qur’ānic Views

صفحه 39-51
Ghulam Riḍā Maārifī؛ Alī Ḥasanniyā


The Criticism of Revelation-order-based Exegesis from the Viewpoint of Bihjatpūr

صفحه 53-70
Haditheh solaymani؛ Mohsen Noorayi؛ Ali Akbar Rabi̒ Nataj


The Hereafter Life of Animals in Islamic Theology: A Comparative Study between Islamic Schools and Inter-Religious Teachings

صفحه 71-87
Saīd Naẓarī Tawakullī


The Miraculousness Thought: Context and Evolution up to the Third Century AH

صفحه 89-104
Muḥammad Alī Mahdawīrād؛ Rūḥullāh Shahīdī


Orientalists and the Evolution of Shī‘a Exegesis Hermeneutic: A Case Study of Todd Lawson

صفحه 105-124
Alī Rād


The Concept of the Recitation of the Noble Qur’ān with Ḥuzn: A Critical Examination

صفحه 125-141
Muḥammad Rasūl Āhangarān؛ Muḥammad Riḍā Maḥmūdī


Acceptance of Guardianship from Tyrant Ruler: The Extraction of Jurisprudential Decree from “Verse 55 of the Joseph Chapter” in Shī‘a and Sunnī Exegeses

صفحه 143-156
Nūshīn Rashīdī Ranjbar؛ Muḥammad Taqī Diyārī Bīdgulī


The Effects of Illicit Property on Training with an Emphasis on the Qur’ānic Verses and Islamic Traditions

صفحه 157-170
Rawshan Dihqānī؛ Aṣghar Ḥādawī


Solving the Seeming Contradiction between the Sword and the Rejection of Duress Verses and its Effect on the Freedom of Religion

صفحه 171-190
Muḥammad Riḍā Shāyiq


An Interpretive Investigation of the Geographical Expanse of Prophets’ Appointment in the Warning Verses

صفحه 191-210
Ḥāmid Shiwāpūr؛ Muḥammad Ḥāj Muḥammadī

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