Evaluation of Applying Solvent Extraction and Iron Nanoparticles for Oily Sludge Recovery and Upgrading Based on Sludge Specifications

صفحه 449-461
F. Nezhadbahadori؛ M. A. Abdoli؛ M. Baghdadi


The Study of CO Symptoms' Impacts on Individuals, Using GIS and Agent-based Modeling (ABM)

صفحه 463-471
S. H. jalali؛ A. R. vafaeinejad؛ H. aghamohammadi؛ M. Esmaeili Bidhendi


Application of Hybrid Cells in Series Model in the Pollution Transport through Layered Material

صفحه 473-486
J. Chabokpour


Improvement of Anaerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge, Using Combined Hydrogen Peroxide and Thermal Pre-Treatment

صفحه 487-499
S. M. Hallaji؛ S. Siami؛ B. Aminzadeh


A Novel and an Efficient 3-D High Nitrogen Doped Graphene Oxide Adsorbent for the Removal of Congo Red from Aqueous Solutions

صفحه 501-514
A. Zeraatkar Moghaddam؛ E. Ghiamati؛ R. Pakar؛ M. R. Sabouri؛ M. R. Ganjali


Study of Cadmium and Nickel Removal from Battery Industry Wastewater by Fe2O3 Nanoparticles

صفحه 515-524
T. Shahriari؛ N. Mehrdadi؛ M. Tahmasebi


Stabilization of Filter Cake and its Leaching Behaviour: A Case Study with Cementitious and Soluble Phosphate Additives

صفحه 525-536
R. Shirdam؛ A. Nourigohar؛ S. Mohamadi


The Environmental Strategic Analysis of Oil & Gas Industries in the Kurdistan Region Using PESTLE, SWOT and FDEMATEL

صفحه 537-554
O. S. Koshesh؛ H. R. Jafari


Review on Bioremediation: A Tool to Resurrect the Polluted Rivers

صفحه 555-568
T. A. Shishir؛ N. Mahbub؛ N. E. kamal


Strategic Planning, Based on Environmental Spatial Assessment, Using SWOT and GIS to Locate Sustainable Industrial Areas (Case Study: Tehran Province)

صفحه 569-583
H. Hoveidi؛ S. Nasehi؛ Namin Imanpour؛ A. Nohegar


Synthesis of Activated Carbon from Sugarcane Bagasse and Application for Mercury Adsorption

صفحه 585-596
k. Javidi Alsadi؛ N. Esfandiari


Evaluation of Ecological Vulnerability in Chelgard Mountainous Landscape

صفحه 597-610
H. Darabi؛ S. Islami Farsani؛ H. Irani Behbahani


Identification of the Thresholds of Extreme Values and Synoptic Analysis of PM10 Pollution in the Atmosphere of Ahvaz

صفحه 611-621
Y. Ghavidel؛ A. M. Khorshiddoust؛ M. Farajzadeh؛ H. Pourshahbaz


Modeling and Optimization of the Coagulation–Flocculation Process in Turbidity Removal from Aqueous Solutions Using Rice Starch

صفحه 623-636
S. Usefi؛ M. Asadi-Ghalhari


Water Quality Assessment of Perak River, Malaysia

صفحه 637-648
M. A. Salam؛ M. M. Kabir؛ L. F. Yee؛ A. A/l Eh Rak؛ M. S. Khan


Monitoring of Zn and Cr in Downstream Water from Uzunçayır Dam in Turkey

صفحه 649-655
M. Topal؛ E. I. Arslan Topal


Novel Bacterial Strains Pseudomonas sp. and Bacillus sp. Isolated from Petroleum Oil Contaminated Soils for Degradation of Flourene and Phenanthrene

صفحه 657-669
V. Bharti؛ B. Gupta؛ J. Kaur


Prioritization of Environmental Sensitive Spots in Studies of Environmental Impact Assessment to Select the Preferred Option, Based on AHP and GIS Compound in the Gas Pipeline Project

صفحه 671-685
A. Padash؛ S. Ataee

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