Chemical Stabilization of Some Heavy Metals in an Artificially Multi-Elements Contaminated Soil, Using Rice Husk Biochar and Coal Fly Ash

صفحه 547-562
M. Saffari


Physiological Evaluation of Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) Leaves to Air Pollution for Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Quality

صفحه 563-570
M. zouari؛ N. Elloumi؛ I. Mezghani؛ P. labrousse؛ B. Ben Rouina؛ F. Ben Abdallah؛ C. Ben Ahmed


Impact of Environmental Quality Variables and Socio-Economic Factors on Human Health: Empirical Evidence from China

صفحه 571-579
M. Ahmad؛ Z. Ur Rahman؛ L. Hong؛ S. Khan؛ Z. Khan؛ M. Naeem Khan


A Comparative Assessment of State of Environment Report in Tehran and Sydney, With an Emphasis on Sustainable Cities’ Criteria

صفحه 581-592
E. salehi؛ S. ghorbani؛ L. Rahimi؛ R. salehi


Effects of Cadmium and Dimethoate on Some Biological and Biochemical Indices in Freshwater Green Algae, Spirogyra sp.

صفحه 593-603
M. Banaee؛ S. Taheri؛ F. Hedayatzadeh


Mycoremediation of Dichlorvos Pesticide Contaminated Soil by Pleurotus pulmonarius (Fries) Quelet

صفحه 605-615
K. L. Njoku؛ Z. Ulu؛ A. A. Adesuyi؛ A.O. Jolaoso؛ M.O. Akinola


Influence of In-Situ Scaling on Variability of Polluted Soil Erodibility Parameters

صفحه 617-633
A. T. Al-Madhhachi؛ M. B. Hasan


Risk Assessment and Effect of Different Factors on Nitrate in Groundwater Resources of Jiroft County

صفحه 635-647
M. Najaf Tarqi؛ Y. Askari Dolatabad؛ H. Vahidi


Adsorption of Copper (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution onto Activated Carbon Prepared from Cane Papyrus

صفحه 649-662
M. J. Alatabe


Industrial waste disposal alternatives in the process of aromatic compounds in petrochemical industry (case study: Nouri petrochemical complex, Asaluyeh, Iran

صفحه 663-673
L. Heidari؛ M. Jalili Ghazizade؛ A. Salemi


Daytime Ozone Variation in Surface Air in a Subtropical Mangrove Estuary at Manakudy, South India

صفحه 675-685
R. Krishna Sharma؛ T Chithambarathau؛ K. Elampari؛ S. Nagaveena


Facile Synthesis of Zn-TiO2 Nanostructure, Using Green Tea as an Eco-Friendly Reducing Agent for Photodegradation of Organic Pollutants in Water

صفحه 687-696
F. tavakoli؛ A. Badiei


Anthropogenic share of metal contents in soils of urban areas

صفحه 697-706
G. Fazeli؛ A.R. Karbassi؛ Sh. khoramnejadian؛ T. Nasrabadi


Wastewater Remediation via Modified Activated Carbon: A Review

صفحه 707-723
M.B. Hasan؛ Z.A. Hammood


Upgrading the Performance of Urban Wastewater Facultative Ponds by changing to Attached Baffled Process

صفحه 725-735
Hossein Sasani؛ Naser Mehrdadi؛ Behnoush Aminzadeh؛ Afshin Takdastan


Estimation of Annual Effective Dose of 222 Rn and 220 Rn in indoor Air of Rohilkhand region, Uttar Pradesh state, India

صفحه 737-744
N. Rastogi؛ I. Singh؛ V. Goswami


Analytical solutions of one-dimensional Advection equation with Dispersion coefficient as function of Space in a semi-infinite porous media

صفحه 745-758
R. R. Yadav؛ L. K. Kumar


Ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in Hurghada coastal sediment, Red Sea, Egypt

صفحه 759-774
A. I. Abdelkader؛ M. Abuelregal؛ M.E. El-Metwally؛ M. A. Hassaan؛ E. F. Sanad

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