An Intelligent System for Fraud Detection in Coin Futures Market’s Transactions of Iran Mercantile Exchange Based on Bayesian Network

صفحه 1-20
Amir-Reza Abtahi؛ Fatemeh Elahi؛ Reza Yousefi-Zenouz


Designing Decision Support System to Select IT Projects and Services (Case Study: Tosan Company)

صفحه 21-38
Ameneh Khadivar؛ Ghazal Pakdaman؛ Fatemeh Mojibian


Textual Data Mining Applications in the Service Chain Knowledge Management of e-Government

صفحه 39-60
Jalal Rezaeenour؛ MohammadReza SheikhBahaei


A New Similarity Method to Optimize Business in the Online Stores Using the Rating Time Technology

صفحه 61-82
Nayereh Zaghari؛ Ardeshir Zamani


The Effect of VAT e-Service Quality on Taxpayers’ Satisfaction in Iran

صفحه 83-102
Maryam Alipour؛ Payam Hanafizadeh


A Comparative Study of the Evolution of Iranian e-Business Models with the Most Successful Global Business Models

صفحه 103-122
Emad Farazmand؛ Reza AliBakhshi


Attribute Reduction in Incomplete Information System based on Rough Set Theory Using Fuzzy Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

صفحه 123-142
Mohammad Ghanei Ostad؛ Hosein khosravi Mahmoee؛ Majid Abdolrazzagh Nezhad


A Comprehensive Framework for Information Technology Governance and Localizing it for Automotive Industry of Iran (Case Study: ATLAS Automotive Holding)

صفحه 143-165
Mohammad Mosakhani؛ Amir Manian؛ Jafar Mahmoodi؛ MohammadHasan Kargar

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