Looking for Genetic Diversity in Iranian Apple Cultivars (Malus × domestica Borkh.)

صفحه 205-215
Sh. Fazeli؛ M. Sheidai؛ F. Farahani2؛ Z. Noormohammadi


Preparation of ZnO Nanocrystals with Desired Morphology from Coordination Polymers through a Solid-state Decomposition Route

صفحه 217-221
A. Abbasi؛ M. Gharib؛ M. Najafi


New Hybrid Nanomaterial Derived from Immobilization of 4-Formyl Benzo-9-Crown-3 Ether onto the Mesopores of MCM-41

صفحه 223-230
M. Masteri-Farahani؛ R. Rahimpour


Sulfunic Acid Modifired MCM-41 Mesoporous Silica as an Efficient Nano-Catalyst for Synthesis of amides and lactams from Oximes Via Beckman Rearrangement

صفحه 231-236
S. Eskandari؛ E. Tarizade؛ F. Teymouri


Systematic of Albian - Cenomanian Gastropods and Bivalves from the Kazhdumi Formation, Zagros Basin

صفحه 237-252
I. Maghfouri Moghaddam؛ P. Shams؛ M. Parvaneh Nejad Shirazi


Structural Controls on Cu Metallogenesis in the Dehaj Area, Kerman Porphyry Copper Belt, Iran: A Remote Sensing Perspective

صفحه 253-267
G. Mirzababaei؛ J. Shahabpour؛ A. Zarasvandi؛ S. M. Hayatolgheyb


A New Bootstrap Based Algorithm for Hotelling’s T2 Multivariate Control Chart

صفحه 269-278
A. Mostajeran؛ N. Iranpanah؛ R. Noorossana


Horizontal Subbundle on Lie Algebroids

صفحه 279-285
M. Tayyebi؛ A. Heydari

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