Gene Expression Profile of Adherent Cells Derived From Human Peripheral Blood: Evidence of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

صفحه 105-112
Z. Fazeli؛ M. Rajabibazl؛ S. Salami؛ N. Vazifeh Shiran؛ SMH. Ghaderian؛ MD. Omrani


Synthesis and Characterization of Copper(II)-Oxide Nanoparticles from Two Cu(II) Coordination Polymers

صفحه 113-117
M. J. Soltanianfard؛ A. Firoozadeh


Efficient Synthesis of Dihydropyrimidine and Amidoalkyl Naphthol Derivatives Using Zinc Chloride-Based Deep Eutectic Systems as Solvent & Catalyst

صفحه 119-127
M. Mahdipour؛ H. Khabazzadeh؛ E. Tavakolinejad Kermani


In-vitro Antibacterial Evaluation of Some Fluoroquinolone Derivatives Against Food Borne Bacteria

صفحه 129-133
N. Shariatifar؛ M. Rezaei؛ M. Sayadi؛ M. H. Moshafi؛ M. Saeedi؛ N. Mohammadhosseini؛ S. Moghimi؛ A. Foroumadi


Miospore assemblages from Late Ordovician (Katian-Hirnantian), Ghelli Formation, Alborz Mountain Range North-eastern Iran: Palaeophytogeographic and palaeoclimatic implications

صفحه 135-159
M. Ghavidel-syooki


APG2: a New Version of APG, an Application for Amphibole-Plagioclase Geothermobarometry

صفحه 161-167
M. Sayari


Estimation of Scale Parameter Under a Bounded Loss Function

صفحه 169-173
N. Sanjari Farsipour


Studying Transition Behavior of Neutron Point Kinetics Equations Using the Lyapunov Exponent Method

صفحه 175-186
M. Seidi؛ R. Khodabakhsh؛ S. Behnia

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