A Study of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Wastewater and Sludge

صفحه 777-784
L. Fergusson


Application of Biolog Microarrays Techniques for Characterization of Functional Diversity of Microbial Community in Phenolic-contaminated Water

صفحه 785-794
J. Chojniak؛ D. Wasilkowski؛ G. Plaza؛ A. Mrozik؛ R. Brigmon


Experimental Assessment of Sediment Transport and Bed formation of Sandy Beaches by Tsunami Waves

صفحه 795-804
N. Daghighi؛ A. H. N. Chegini؛ M. Daliri؛ D. Hedayati


Intensification of the Biomethanisation Process in Wastewater Treatment Plant

صفحه 805-812
A. Drzewicki؛ K. Bułkowska؛ M. Tomczykowska


Investigation of Heavy Metal-Resistant Sediment Bacteria and Some Water Quality Parameters: A Case Study of Lake Bafa (Turkey)

صفحه 813-822
A. Kacar


Polyethylene Degradation by Fungal Consortium

صفحه 823-830
H. V. Sowmya؛ B. Ramalingappa؛ G. Nayanashree؛ B. Thippeswamy؛ M. Krishnappa


Analyzing the Behaviour of Selected Risk Indexes During the 2007 Greek Forest Fires

صفحه 831-840
A. Mavrakis؛ L. Salvati


Assessing The Implications of Extension of Rubber Plantation On The Hydrology of Humid Tropical River Basin

صفحه 841-852
G. Celine؛ E. J. James


Iranian Energy and Climate Policies Adaptation to the Kyoto Protocol

صفحه 853-864
R. Alizadeh؛ M. Majidpour؛ R. Maknoon؛ J. Salimi


Spatial Distribution of Gmelinoides fasciatus Steb. in Thermally Polluted Water (Belovo Reservoir, Southwest Siberia)

صفحه 877-884
L. V. Yanygina


Modifying and Validating the SWAT Model to Determine Landuse Effects on Watershed Water Quality: Using a Dual Level of Model Performance Based on Subbasin Size

صفحه 885-896
J. B. Houser؛ L. M. Hauck؛ A. Saleh


Chromosomal Aberration of Snakehead Fish (Channa striata) in Affected Reservoir by Leachate with Lead and Mercury Contamination

صفحه 897-906
P. Promsid؛ L. Neeratanaphan؛ W. Supiwong؛ M. Sriuttha؛ A. Tanomtong


Co-composting of Greenhouse Pepper Plant Residues and Separated Dairy Manure: Process Dynamics

صفحه 907-912
R. Kulcu


Cadmium Uptake by Plant and Transport in Soil Column under Industrial Wastewater Irrigation: A Case Study

صفحه 913-922
A. Mehmandoost Kotlar؛ S. A. Hashemi Monfared؛ M. Azhdary Moghadam


Allelopathy and Potential Impact of Invasive Acacia saligna on Plant Diversity in Deltaic Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

صفحه 923-932
A. M. Abd El-Gawad؛ Y. A. El-Amier


A CFD Model for Prediction of the Role of Biomass Growth and Decay on the Aerobic Biodegradation of BTEX Fate and Transport in an Unconfined Aquifer System

صفحه 933-942
A. Agah؛ F. Doulati Ardejani


Effects of Dietary Pb and Cd and Their Combination on Acetyl Cholinesterase Activity in Digestive Gland and Foot of the Green Garden Snail, Cantareus apertus (Born, 1778)

صفحه 943-952
A. Mleiki؛ I. Marigomez؛ N. Trigui


Contribution to the Study of Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects of Steppe Formations for the Characterization of Desertification in Semi-arid Environment: Saida, Algeria.

صفحه 953-960
Z. Arabi؛ K. Mederbal؛ Z. Benaouf


Study of a Magnetic Photocatalyst Based on Hemin with Axial Ligand and its Degradation under Visible Light

صفحه 961-968
X. Y. Liu؛ X. N. Zhang؛ N. X. Li


Views of Hair Goat Breeders Concerning the Relationship between Nomadic Livestock and Forestry: An Example from the Turkey

صفحه 969-976
H. Alkan؛ T. Ugur


Studies on Cell-Phone Radiation Exposure inside a Car and near a Bluetooth Device

صفحه 977-980
A. K. Dhami


Assessment of Environmental Toxic Trace Metals and Pesticides Contents in Selected Fish Species from Guiers Lake by using XRF and GC/ECD Techniques

صفحه 981-990
A. Traore؛ A. Ndiaye؛ S. Diouf؛ M. Mbaye؛ Y. Gning؛ B. Sow؛ M. Sow؛ A. Wague


Removalof Basic Red 9 (BR9) in Aqueous Solution by Using Silica with Nano-Magnetite by Enzymatic with Fenton Process

صفحه 991-1000
H. Nadaroglu؛ A. A. Gungor؛ N. Celebi


Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Lead Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions onto Iranian Sepiolite and Zeolite

صفحه 1001-1010
F. Sharifipour؛ S. Hojati؛ A. Landi؛ A. Faz Cano


Survival of High Latitude Fringing Corals in Extreme Temperatures: Red Sea Meteorology

صفحه 1011-1022
M. Z. Moustafa؛ Z. Q. Moustafa؛ M. S. Moustafa؛ S. E. Moustafa؛ Z. D. Moustafa


Evolution of Hydrochemical Parameters and Quality Assessment of Groundwater in Tirupur Region, Tamil Nadu, India

صفحه 1023-1036
K. Arumugam؛ A. Rajesh Kumar؛ K. Elangovan


Estimating the Self-depuration Capacity of a Reach of the Luján River

صفحه 1037-1046
M. Piccinini؛ A. Sanchez Caro؛ M. L. Gultemiriam؛ A. Giorgi


Relationship Between Environmental Risk and Pesticide Application in Cereal Farming

صفحه 1047-1054
A. M. Bozdogan؛ N. Yarpuz-Bozdogan؛ I. Tobi


Modified Zero valent Iron (ZVI) Nanoparticles for Removal of Manganese from Water

صفحه 1055-1068
M. Agarwal؛ D. Patel


An Interaction Between Government and Manufacturer in Implementation of Cleaner Production: A Multi-Stage Game Theoretical Analysis

صفحه 1069-1078
R. Zhao؛ D. Peng؛ Y. Li


Cadmium Removal from Wastewater using Carbonaceous Adsorbents Prepared from Sunflower Waste

صفحه 1079-1088
M. Jain؛ V. K. Garg؛ U. K. Garg؛ K. Kadirvelu؛ M. Sillanpaa


An Assessment of Metal in Fly Ash and Their Translocation and Bioaccumulation in Perennial Grasses Growing at the Reclaimed Opencast Mines

صفحه 1089-1096
A. Kumar؛ J. Ahirwal؛ S. K. Maiti؛ R. DAS


Absorbed Radiation Dose from Radon to the Sand Martin Riparia riparia During Breeding at the Sand Mines in Eastern Poland

صفحه 1097-1106
I. Kitowski؛ A. Komosa؛ J. Chodorowski


Characterization of Extracellular Polysaccharides (EPS) Produced by Thermal Bacillus and Determination of Environmental Conditions Affecting Exopolysaccharide Production

صفحه 1107-1116
N. M. Dogan؛ G. A. Doganli؛ G. Dogan؛ O. Bozkaya

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