Ameliorating Topsoil Conditions by Biosolid Application for a waste Landfill landscape

صفحه 1-10
U. Song؛ B. Waldman؛ E.J. Lee


Statistical Analysis of Physico-chemical Properties of the Estuaries of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

صفحه 11-16
K. Pillay؛ S. Pillay


Denitrification via Nitrite in a Modified UASB reactor using Chilean zeolite as Microbial Support

صفحه 17-26
L. Guerrero؛ M. Vasquez؛ A. Barahona؛ S. Montalvo؛ R. Borja


Forecasting Municipal Solid waste Generation by Hybrid Support Vector Machine and Partial Least Square Model

صفحه 27-38
M. Abbasi؛ M.A. Abduli؛ B. Omidvar؛ A. Baghvand


Effect of Alternative Electrolytes on Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Hexavalent Chromium in Clayey Soil

صفحه 39-50
M. Saeedi؛ L.Y. Li؛ A. Moradi Gharehtapeh


210Po and 210Pb Concentration in Environmental Samples of the Adriatic Sea

صفحه 51-60
M.A. Meli؛ D. Desideri؛ A. Penna؛ F. Ricci؛ N. Penna؛ C. Roselli


Regulation of an Activate Sludge Wastwater Plant VIA Robust Active Control Design

صفحه 61-68
R. Aguilar-López؛ P.A. López-Pérez؛ V. Peña-Caballero؛ R. Maya-Yescas


Statistical Modeling of Future Lake Level under Climatic Conditions, Case study of Urmia Lake (Iran)

صفحه 69-80
C. Tisseuil؛ Gh.R. Roshan؛ T. Nasrabadi؛ G.A. Asadpour


Numerical Simulation of Oil Spill Behavior in the Persian Gulf

صفحه 81-96
K. Aghajanloo؛ M.D. Pirooz؛ M.M. Namin


Gasification Kinetics of Date palm seed using Carbon Dioxide

صفحه 97-104
K. Suresh Kumar Reddy؛ A.S. Ahmed؛ C. Srinivasakannan


Influence of the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Ratings on the Economic Performance of Companies: An overview

صفحه 105-112
A. Peiró-Signes؛ M. Segarra-Oña؛ J. Mondéjar-Jiménez؛ M. Vargas-Vargas


Recovering Plastics via the Hydraulic Separator Multidune: flow analysis and Efficiency Tests

صفحه 113-130
M. Moroni؛ F. La Marca؛ L. Cherubini؛ A. Cenedese


Influence of Acoustic waves on Deposition and Coagulation of fine Particles

صفحه 131-138
A.R. Noorpoor؛ A. Sadighzadeh؛ H. Habibnejad


A Feasibility Study of Co-Firing Biomass in the Thermal Power Plant at Soma in order to Reduce Emissions: an Exergy Approach

صفحه 139-154
E. Amirabedin؛ D. McIlveen-Wright


Investigation of Solid Waste Disposal Alternatives in Lavan Island Using Life Cycle Assessment Approach

صفحه 155-164
F. Shams Fallah؛ H. Vahidi؛ M. Pazoki؛ F. Akhavan-Limudehi؛ A.R. Aslemand؛ R. Samiee Zafarghandi


Volta metric Behavior of Mesotrione using Silver/Amalgam Electrode

صفحه 165-172
M.S. Jovic؛ D. Manojlovic؛ D. Stanković؛ A. Milić؛ M. Sentić؛ G. Roglić


Numerical Simulation on Wind Flow over Step-shaped Cliff Topography with Rough Surface

صفحه 173-186
M.F. Yassin؛ M. Al-Harbi


Comparison The Efficacy Of Fenton And “nZVI + H2O2” Processes In Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate Treatment (Case Study: Hamadan Landfill Leachate)

صفحه 187-194
M.T. Samadi؛ Z. Kashitarash Esfahani؛ K. Naddafi


Feasibility Study on EO/EG Wastewater Treatment Using Pilot Scale SBR

صفحه 195-204
M. Shakerkhatibi؛ P. Monajemi؛ M.T. Jafarzadeh؛ S.A. Mokhtari؛ M.R. Farshchian


A Novel Approach to Improve the Air Quality Predictions of Air Pollution Dispersion Modelling systems

صفحه 205-218
E.M.M. Zahran


Induction of DNA Damage and GADD45β gene Mutation in Zebra fish (Danio rerio) due to Environmentally Relevant Concentrations of Organochlorine Pesticides & Heavy Metals

صفحه 219-224
R. Bhuvaneshwari؛ R. Babu Rajendran؛ K. Kumar


Role of Chemical Components of cork on Sorption of Aqueous Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

صفحه 225-234
M.A. Olivella؛ I. Fernández؛ L. Cano؛ P. Jové؛ A. Oliveras


Water Consumption Management and its role on Energy Saving, Case study of Tehran, Iran

صفحه 235-240
T. Nasrabadi؛ H.R. Sharif Vaghefi؛ G.R. Nabi Bidhendi


OWA Analysis for Ecological Capability Assessment in Watersheds

صفحه 241-254
M.J. Amiri؛ A.S. Mahiny؛ S.M. Hosseini؛ S.Gh. Jalali؛ Z. Ezadkhasty؛ Sh. Karami


Rural Tourists and Their Attitudes and Motivations Towards the Practice of Environmental Activities such as Agrotourism

صفحه 255-264
F. Leco؛ J.M. Hernández؛ A.M. Campón

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