Design and Development of Decision Support System for Ranking Rapid Prototyping Techniques and Selecting the Best Technique in Automobile Industry

صفحه 1-22
Taghavifard Taghavifard؛ Pooti Pooti


Investigating the Factors Affecting Electronic Loyalty of Bank Tejarat Customers in Tehran

صفحه 23-36
saleh Jouyandeh Abkenar؛ Peidaie Peidaie؛ Aslizadeh Aslizadeh


A Framework Determining Service Level in a B2B Environment based on ITIL Framework

صفحه 37-56
Hasanzadeh Hasanzadeh؛ Mahsa Nazemi؛ Elahi Elahi؛ Zanjani Zanjani


Developing a Model for Measuring Risk Exposure Status in IT Outsourcing Projects of Iran Health Sector (Survey Study about Tehran Hospitals and Health Centers)

صفحه 57-74
Ali Heidari؛ Ghasemi Ghasemi؛ Ghasemi Ghasemi


Measuring the Amount of Effects of Capability Approach on Developing E-government

صفحه 75-94
behroz Zarei؛ fatemeh Saghafi؛ Lila Zarrin


An ERP Selection Framework in Constructor Companies using Fuzzy AHP Approach

صفحه 95-116
Mohammad ali Shahhosseini؛ Rouhani Rouhani؛ Rouhi Rouhi


Identifying and Prioritizing the Key Factors Influencing Customer Decision Making in Buying Organizational Software (A survey about HAMKARAN Co.)

صفحه 117-134
Shahryar Azizi؛ Gharecheh Gharecheh؛ Tavangar Tavangar؛ Jamali Kapak Jamali Kapak


The Role of Expert systems for Evaluation of Competitive Organizations (Case Study: Management of Loans by Private Banks)

صفحه 135-150
Farsijani Farsijani؛ Akhavan Kharazian Akhavan Kharazian؛ Yaser Sobhanifard


Study of Information and Communication Technology Effect on Entrepreneurship in small and Medium Enterprises (Survey on Small and Medium Enterprises of Semnan Industrial Park)

صفحه 151-170
Davood Feiz؛ Zarei Zarei؛ Karimi Karimi


Assessing the Maturity Level of Organization in Strategic Alignment between IT and Business (Multi-cut Case Studies: Barid, Caspian and Sepehr)

صفحه 171-186
Amir Manian؛ Mosakhani Mosakhani؛ Ali Zare Mirakabad


Proposing Model with an Integrating ANP and PROMETHEE for Ranking Websites Based on Usability Criteria

صفحه 187-206
Ali Morovati Sharifabadi

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