Evaluation of scale and loading direction effects on strength and deformability of jointed rock mass: case study of Tazareh coal mine, Iran

صفحه 89-95
Masoud Mazraehli؛ Milad Arabameri؛ Hossein Mirzaei Nasirabad


Comparison between the performance of four metaheuristic algorithms in training a multilayer perceptron machine for gold grade estimation

صفحه 97-105
Andisheh Alimoradi؛ Hossein Hajkarimian؛ Hamidreza Hemati Ahooi؛ Mohammad Salsabili


Effect of the chemical compounds of soil on the stability of excavation wall: A case study

صفحه 107-113
Majid Aeini؛ Mohammad Hajiazizi؛ Masoud Nasiri


Utilization of calcium rich mine wastes and bone ash for the improvement of California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of soft soil

صفحه 115-123
Victor Abioye Akinbinu؛ Moses Oladejo Tanimola؛ Sunmbo Philip Akande


Constrained Vertex Optimization and Simulation of the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Geotextile Reinforced Soil for Flexible Foundation Construction

صفحه 125-138
Daniel E Aju؛ Kennedy Chibuzor Onyelowe


Geometry determination of galleries and pillars in Chehel Koureh copper mine, Iran

صفحه 139-150
Masoud Cheraghi Seifabad؛ Yousef Mirzadeh Koohshahi؛ Ali Bameri


Photogrammetry and Monte Carlo Simulation based statistical characterization of rock mass discontinuity parameters

صفحه 151-157
Kausar Sultan Shah؛ Mohd Hazizan bin Mohd Hashim؛ Kamar Shah bin Ariffin


Estimation of mining time-span to improve the solution time in long-term production planning

صفحه 159-165
Mehdi Rahmanpour؛ Morteza Osanloo؛ S. M. Mahdi Mirabedi


A proposed framework for estimating the environmental damage cost of mining activities in line with the goals of sustainable mining: a case study of Sungun-Ahar Copper Mine, Iran

صفحه 167-180
Jalil Badamfirooz؛ Hamid Sarkheil؛ Roya Mousazadeh؛ Faezeh Ayatollahi


A new method for determining geochemical anomalies: U-N and U-A fractal models

صفحه 181-190
Seyyed saeed Ghannadpour؛ Ardeshir Hezarkhani


Weathering Induced Brazilian Tensile Strength and Fracture Characteristics of Sandstone and their Prevailing Mutual Association

صفحه 191-197
Kausar Sultan Shah؛ Mohd Hazizan bin Mohd Hashim؛ Hafeezur Rehman؛ Kamar shah bin Ariffin


The Influence of thermal breakage on physio-mechanical behavior of Ghulmet marble north Pakistan

صفحه 199-203
Naeem Abbas؛ Kegang Li؛ Asghar Khan؛ Javed Akhter Qureshi

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب