Grain Refinement and Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Hot Extruded Rare-Earth Containing Magnesium Alloy

دوره 50، شماره 2، اسفند 2017، صفحه 132-136
Bita Pourbahari؛ Hamed Mirzadeh؛ Massoud Emamy


Grain refinement, Microstructural characterization, and tensile properties of die-cast AZ91 alloy via Lead and Tin additions

دوره 52، شماره 2، اسفند 2019، صفحه 218-228
Mohammadreza Askaran؛ Mehdi Malekan؛ Massoud Emamy؛ Mehrab Lotfpour


Magnificent Grain Refinement of Al-Mg2Si Composite by Hot Rolling

دوره 51، شماره 1، شهریور 2018، صفحه 71-76
Rashadoddin Zamani؛ Hamed Mirzadeh؛ Massoud Emamy


Microstructural refinement and tensile properties enhancement of the Mg-9Al-1Zn alloy after hot extrusion

دوره 53، شماره 2، اسفند 2020، صفحه 177-182
Aria Afsharnaderi؛ Mehrab Lotfpour؛ Mehdi Malekan؛ Massud Emamy


Significant grain refinement and enhanced mechanical properties of 6070 Al alloy via Ti/Sr addition and hot extrusion

دوره 53، شماره 2، اسفند 2020، صفحه 190-203
Masoud Emamy؛ Bita Pourbahari؛ Meysam Mostafapour

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