Effect of pH, Initial Concentration, Background Electrolyte, and Ionic Strength on Cadmium Adsorption by TiO2 and γ-Al2O3 Nanoparticles

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Chemical Characterization of Particulate Matter at Traffic Prone Roadside Environment in Agra, India

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Human Health Risk Assessment of Nitrate and Trace Metals Via Groundwater in Central Bangladesh

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A Review of Air Pollution and Solutions Way Management Related to Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS) Production of Community-Level Rubber Cooperatives in Thailand: Smoke, Soot and PAHs particles

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Biofilm Formation by the Hexavalent Chromium Removing Strain Streptococcus salivarius: in Vitro Approach on Abiotic Surfaces

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The Effectiveness of the Ballast Water Exchange Method in Removal of the Heavy Metals in the Ballast Tanks of the Ships, Bushehr Port- Persian Gulf

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Overall D. melanogaster Cohort Viability as A Pollution Indicator of the Atmospheric Air of Urban Landscapes

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Study on an Existing PV/Wind Hybrid System Using Biomass Gasifier for Energy Generation

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Sustainable Environmental Management using Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Model in Petrochemical Industry

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Utilization of Algal Consortium to Produce Biofuels and Byproducts For Reducing Pollution load

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Effective Factors in Municipal Solid Waste Minimization and Recovery by Making Use of Citizens' Participation; Case Study of a District in Tehran City

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Chronological Studies of Traffic Pollution Using Elemental Analysis of Tree Rings: Case Study of Haatso-atomic Road

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Using Benthic Diatoms as a Bioindicator to Assess Rural-urban River Conditions in Tropical Area: A Case Study in the Sai Gon River, Vietnam

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Artificial Neural Network Modeling for the Management of Oil Slick Transport in the Marine Environments

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Estimation of Phosphorus Reduction from Wastewater by Artificial Neural Network, Random Forest and M5P Model Tree Approaches

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Phytotoxicity of Lead and Chromium on Germination, Seedling Establishment and Metal Uptake by Kenaf and Mesta

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Fixed Bed Column Modeling of Cd(II) Adsorption on Bone Char Using Backward Bayesian Multiple Linear Regression

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Dust Crises and its Regional Geopolitical and Security Impact in West Asia

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سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب