Effect of irrigation with saline water on ion homeostasis and forage dry yield in Alfalfa ecotypes application of high salty water for Alfalfa plants irrigation

صفحه 1-12
M. Ansari؛ F. Shekari؛ M.H. Mohammadi؛ G. Végváric؛ B. Biró


Comparision of fertility capability and taxonomic classification systems to classify the soil map units in some parts of Chaharmahal-va-Bakhtiari province

صفحه 13-21
Z. Rasaei؛ R. Mohajer


Assessment the effect of drought and land use change on vegetation using Landsat data

صفحه 23-31
S. Ahmadi؛ H. Azarnivand؛ H. Khosravi؛ P. Dehghana؛ M. Behrang Manesh


Living windbreak design for wind erosion control in arid regions: A case study in Dehloran, Iran

صفحه 33-42
M. Mirhasani؛ N. Rostami؛ M. Bazgir؛ M. Tavakoli


The effect of simulated dust storm on wood development and leaf stomata in Quercus brantii L

صفحه 43-49
H.R. Naji؛ M. Taherpour


Effect of humic acid and mulches on characteristics of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.)

صفحه 51-59
F. Kazemi؛ F. Salahshoor؛ H. Farhadi


How different source regions across the Middle East change aerosol and dust particle characteristics

صفحه 61-73
H. Ahmady-Birgani؛ J.P. Engelbrecht؛ M. Bazgir


Grain size and mineralogical studies of sandy sediments in southwestern Iran

صفحه 75-85
A. Ghazi؛ A. Karimi؛ G.H. Haghnia؛ S. Hojati


Responses of above and below ground traits of 10 accessions of Triticum boeoticum to non-stress and imposed moisture stress conditions

صفحه 87-97
F. Abdi؛ S.S. Moosavi؛ M.R. Abdollahi؛ S. Tahmasebi Enferadi؛ M. Maleki


Assessment of spatial variability of cation exchange capacity with kriging and cokriging

صفحه 99-108
S.A.R. Seyed Jalali؛ F. Sarmadian؛ Z. Mohammad Esmaiel؛ M. Navidi


Application of sediment cores in reconstruction of long-term temperature and metal contents at the northern region of the Persian Gulf

صفحه 109-118
A.R. Karbassi؛ M. Maghrebi؛ R. Lak؛ R. Noori؛ M. Sadrinasab


Comparing pixel-based and object-based algorithms for classifying land use of arid basins (Case study: Mokhtaran Basin, Iran)

صفحه 119-132
Z. Rafieemajoomard؛ M. Rahimi؛ Sh. Nikoo؛ H. Memarian؛ S.H. Kaboli


Modelling of some soil physical quality indicators using hybrid algorithm principal component analysis - artificial neural network

صفحه 133-141
F. AmiriMijan؛ H. Shirani؛ I. Esfandiarpour؛ A.A. Besalatpour؛ H. Shekofteh


Using geostatistical and deterministic modelling to identify spatial variability of groundwater quality

صفحه 143-151
Z. Feizi؛ Amir R. Keshtkar؛ A. Afzali


Application of soil properties, auxiliary parameters, and their combination for prediction of soil classes using decision tree model

صفحه 153-169
M. Shahini Shamsabadi؛ I. Esfandiarpour-Borujeni؛ H. Shirani؛ M.H. Salehi

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