Research and Development Investment and Productivity Growth in Firms with Different Levels of Technology

صفحه 795-818
Leili Soltanisehat؛ Reza Alizadeh؛ Nader Mehregan


The Effect of Ease of Doing Business on Capital Flight: Evidence from East Asian Countries

صفحه 819-838
Zahra Dehghan Shabani؛ Sara Parang


A Perspective on Promoter Ownership and Market Reaction to Corporate News: Evidence from India

صفحه 839-859
Nayanjyoti Bhattacharjee؛ Anupam De


Estimating the Elasticity of Electricity Demand in Iran: A Sectoral-Province Approach

صفحه 861-881
Habib Morovat؛ Ali Faridzad؛ Sahar Lowni


The Impact of Urban and Rural Income Inequality on Natural Gas Consumption: The Case of Iran

صفحه 883-896
Elham Tahmasi Garsadafi؛ Shahram Fattahi؛ Kiomars Sohaili


The Methodology of Islamic Economics

صفحه 897-917
Seyed Kazem Sadr


A Proposed Mechanism for the Iranian Model of Kidney Donation (A Comparison of the Iranian and Roth’s Models)

صفحه 919-940
Jalal Molabeigi؛ Jafar Ebadi


Core Inflation and Economic Growth, Does Nonlinearity Matters? A Nonlinear Granger Causality Analysis

صفحه 941-961
Amritkant Mishra؛ Amba Agarwal


The Dynamic Effects of Export and Technological Changes on Relative Wages

صفحه 963-992
Saeed Rasekhi؛ Iman Cheratian


Investigating the Impact of Tourists' Travel Distance on the Domestic Tourism Demand in Mashhad

صفحه 993-1018
Fatemeh Rahmani؛ Samane Zangoei؛ Maryam Rasoulzadeh؛ Samira Heydarian


Determining the Efficiency of Economic Tourism Industry in Chabahar Free Zone by Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Method

صفحه 1019-1039
Ali Sardar Shahraki؛ Abdolali Keshtegar


The Effect of Green Taxes on Labor Productivity in the Iranian Economy

صفحه 1041-1055
Reyhaneh Sedehi؛ Homa Esfahanian


The Effect of Exchange Rate, Oil Prices and Global Inflation Shocks on Macroeconomic Variables for the Iranian Economy in the form of a DSGE Model

صفحه 1057-1083
Sajad Boroumand؛ Teymour Mohammadi؛ Jamshid Pajooyan؛ Abbas Memarnejad

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