Investigation of the rock blast fragmentation based on the specific explosive energy and in-situ block size

صفحه 1-6
Hossein Inanloo Arabi Shad؛ Farhang Sereshki؛ Mohammad Ataei؛ Mohammad Karamoozian


Determination of settlement trough width and optimization of soil behavior parameters based on the design of experiment method (DOE)

صفحه 7-15
Farshad Kolivand؛ Reza Rahmannejad


Cumulative Fatigue Damage Under stepwise Tension-Compression Loading

صفحه 17-21
Hadi Haghgouei؛ Hamid Hashemolhosseini؛ Alireza Baghbanan


Experimental and Numerical study of earth slope reinforcement using ordinary and rigid stone columns

صفحه 23-30
Mohammad Hajiazizi؛ Masoud Nasiri


Utilization of Soft Computing for Evaluating the Performance of Stone Sawing Machines, Iranian Quarries

صفحه 31-36
Ahmad Aryafar؛ Reza Mikaeil؛ Sina Shafiee Haghshenas؛ sami shafiei haghshenas


Predicting the Behaviour of Stabilized Lateritic Soils Treated with Green Crude Oil (GCO) by Analysis of Variance Approaches

صفحه 37-42
Kennedy Onyelowe؛ Kelechi Onwa؛ Ikenna Uwanuakwa


Investigating the Development of Kerman’s Soil Structure and its Effect on the Collapsibility index

صفحه 43-51
Iman Aghamolaie؛ Gholam Lashkaripour؛ Mohammad Ghafoori؛ Naser Hafezi Moghadas


Analyzing the effect of ore grade uncertainty in open pit mine planning; A case study of Rezvan iron mine, Iran

صفحه 53-60
Mohammad Mehdi Tahernejad؛ Reza Khalo Kakaei؛ Mohammad Ataei


Distinct element modelling of the mechanical behaviour of intact rocks using voronoi tessellation model

صفحه 61-68
Mojtaba Bahaaddini؛ Mansoreh Rahimi


Studying Peak Particle Velocity Due to Blast in Development Tunnels’ Face in Coal Stoping

صفحه 69-74
Ahmad Abolghasemifar؛ Mohammad Ataei؛ Seyed Rahman Torabi؛ Majid Nikkhah


Assessment of uncertainty for coal quality-tonnage curves through minimum spatial cross-correlation simulation

صفحه 75-86
Babak Sohrabian؛ Erhan Abdullah Tercan؛ Rohola Hasanpour


Tunnel Rehabilitation in Fault Zone Using Sequential Joints Method- Case Study: Karaj Water Conveyance Tunnel

صفحه 87-94
Meysam Jalali

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