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Step Change Point Estimation in g and h Control Charts in Healthcare

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Amir Hossein Amiri؛ Fatemeh Sogandi؛ Azadeh Rafiei Tabatabaei


Probabilistic Approach in Mathematical Programming Model to Solve Redundancy Allocation Problems in a Series-Parallel System with All Unit Discount Policy

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Taha Hossein Hejazi؛ Mohsen Bagheri؛ Hanieh Jamshidi


Modeling for System Optimization with Small Dataset Using Neural Network

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Hamid Hassanpour؛ Mohammad Mahdi Alyannezhadi


Inverse 2-Center Location Problem for Unweighted Tree Networks (A Case Study)

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Zahra Dastani؛ Hossein Karimi


Two Stage Assembly Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Aging Effect, Limit Access to Work, and Preventive Maintenance

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Adeleh Rezghi؛ Javad Rezaeian


Mathematical Model for Fleet Assignment with Maintenance and Aircraft Ramping Scheduling

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Alireza Rashidi Komeijan؛ Mahsa Shabankareh


A Scenario-Based Robust Optimization Model for a Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows under Uncertainty by Using a Differential Evolution Algorithm

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Ali Reza Salamat Bakhsh؛ Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam؛ Mehdi Alinaghian؛ Ismaeil Najafi


Mathematical Modeling and Solving Flexible Job-Shop Production Scheduling with Reverse Flows

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Fatemeh Soleimaninia؛ Esmaeil Mehdizadeh


The Fair Revenue Allocation among the Units of an Organization Using DEA

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Esfandiar Lashni؛ Kourosh Aryavash


Operating Room Scheduling for Elective Surgeries Considering Downstream Care Units Using Goal Programming

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Nahid Mahmoudian؛ Saeedeh Ketabi؛ Arezo Atighechian


An Approach for Treatment Programming in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

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Mehdi Najafi؛ Mahsa Faridmehr


Developing an Economic Production Quantity Model in Integrated and Non-integrated Three-Layer Supply Chains with an Optimal Inventory Control Policy

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Mahsa Noori Daryan؛ Ataollah Taleizadeh


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