Using Different Methods of Nanofabrication as a New Way to Activate Supplementary Cementitious Materials; a Review

صفحه 1-19
Azadeh Askarinejad


Performance-Based Plastic Design of Moment Frame-Steel Plate Shear Wall as a Dual System

صفحه 21-34
Gholamreza Abdollahzadeh؛ Hamed kuchakzadeh؛ Alireza Mirzagoltabar


Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations on Cohesionless Soils: A Random Forest Based Approach

صفحه 35-49
Vahid Reza Kohestani؛ Maryam Vosoghi؛ Mahmoud Hassanlourad؛ Mahsa Fallahnia


A Road Map for Civil Engineers towards Bridge Engineering Through Academic Education and Professional Training

صفحه 51-73
Reza Akbari؛ Shahrokh Maalek


Investigating the Performance Characteristics of Asphaltic Concrete Containing Nano-Silica

صفحه 75-93
Hasan Taherkhani؛ Siamak Afroozi


Coupled BE-FE Scheme for Three-Dimensional Dynamic Interaction of a Transversely Isotropic Half-Space with a Flexible Structure

صفحه 95-118
Ali Morshedifard؛ Morteza Eskandari-Ghadi


Cyclic Loading Tests for Cold-Formed Steel Wall Frames with Lightweight Concrete

صفحه 119-133
Amir Hoseinpoor؛ Mohammad Reza Javaheri-Tafti


Study on Fundamental Frequencies of Cylindrical Storage Tanks Obtained from Codes and Finite Element Method

صفحه 135-149
Mohsen Yazdanian؛ Sadegh Ghasemi


Impact of Tamper Shape on the Efficiency and Vibrations Induced During Dynamic Compaction of Dry Sands by 3D Finite Element Modeling

صفحه 151-163
Sahar Mehdipour؛ Amir Hamidi


Concrete Filled Tubular Bracing Subjected to Cyclic Loading

صفحه 165-177
Mehdi Ghassemieh؛ Zahra Saneeinia؛ Mahmoud Baei


GIS-Based Multi Criteria Evaluation for Thermal Power Plant Site Selection in Kahnuj County, SE Iran

صفحه 179-189
Sadri Siefi؛ Hazhir Karimi؛ Alireza Soffianian؛ Saied Pourmanafi


Estimation and Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions during the Life-Cycle of Wastewater Pipelines: Case Study of Tehran, Iran

صفحه 191-206
Bardia Roghani؛ Massoud Tabesh؛ Mohammad Sadegh Amrollahi؛ Govindarajan Venkatesh

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