Pan morphology, Distribution and formation in Kazakhstan and Neighbouring areas of the Russian federation

صفحه 1-13
Andrew Goudie؛ P. Kent؛ H. Viles


Geoinformatics and cartographic analysis, based on modeling and mapping of the microclimate and groundwater flow

صفحه 14-23
Sajad zareie؛ Hassan Khosravi؛ Azam Abolhasani


Flood hazard zoning using HEC-RAS in GIS environment and impact of manning roughness coefficient changes on flood zones in Semi-arid climate

صفحه 24-34
Mohammad Golshan؛ Afshin Jahanshahi؛ Ali Afzali


Variation characteristics of chlorophyll fluorescence of a typical Eremophyte (Smirnovia Iranica (Sabeti)) during phenological stages in the sand drift desert (Case study: In Kashan Region)

صفحه 35-41
Abolfazl Ranjbar


An evaluation of Miqan wetland changes over a 12-year interval and proposing management approaches: A remote-sensing Prespective

صفحه 42-48
Zahra Alibakhshi؛ Marziyeh Alikhah Asl؛ Mohammad Rezavani؛ Mohammad Namdar


Evaluating the physiological and hormonal responses of caper plant (Capparis spinosa) subjected to drought and salinity

صفحه 49-55
Hossein Sadeghi؛ Laleh Rostami


Identifying and explaining the effects of drought in rural areas in Iran from viewpoints of farmers (Case Study: Esfejin village, Zanjan county)

صفحه 56-64
Rohollah Rezaei؛ Ehsan Gholifar؛ Leila Safa


Examining performances of organic and inorganic mulches and cover plants for sustainable green space development in arid cities

صفحه 65-75
Nasim Safari؛ Fatemeh Kazemi


Investigating and Predicting the Extension of Dunes Using Land Change Modeler (LCM) in the North West of Yazd, Iran

صفحه 76-90
Seyed Mohsen Mirhosseini؛ Ali Akbar Jamali؛ Seyed Zeynalabedin Hosseini


Influence of hydrogel polymer and NO3-: NH4+ ratios on dill (Anethum graveolens L.) seed essential oil composition and yield

صفحه 91-101
Hossein Shekofteh؛ Nava Salari

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب