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A model of explaining the factors influencing on intention of internet news websites users (Case study: Student of Semnan University)

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Abolghasem Ebrahimi؛ Niloufar Imankhan؛ Abdolreza Esmaeli


Investigation the effect of Information technology competency on knowledge processes in ARAK’s justice

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Rahele Esfandani؛ Mostafa Ali Miri


Designing fuzzy expert system for chief privacy officer in government and businesses E-transactions

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Sha’ban Elahi؛ Mostafa Rashidi؛ Mahmoud Sadeghi


An investigation on the moderating role of users’ self-efficacy and mobile banking satisfaction in Iran

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Seyed Mohammadbagher Jafari؛ Ali Hamidizadeh؛ Mohaddece Sadat Moaddab


The role of internet of things (IOT) in knowledge management systems (Case study: Performance management of Yazd municipality staff)

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Hamid Reza Khedmatgozar


Provide a decision support system for locating new businesses (Ccase study: Locating toy manufacturing)

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Amirhossein Rahbar؛ Ali Lahoutian؛ Mahmoud Vahedi Moghaddam


Explaination of personnel selection model in private IT companies

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Amir Roodi؛ Ahmad Khalili Jafarabad


The relationship between corporate governance and IT governance in public organizations

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Mohammad Hossein Ronaghi؛ Jafar Mahmoudi


Comparative study of PhD programs of information technology management at the world top rank universities

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Mehdi Shamizanjani؛ Narges Farzaneh Kondori


Introducing a model of influencing factors of customer's trust and satisfaction in E-commerce area (Case study: Group discount sites in Iran)

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Naser Asgari؛ Hamed Heidari


Inter-organizational information systems integration: Representing a model for understanding integration problem domain

صفحه 675-696
Hassanali Nemati Shamsabad؛ Ali Moeini


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