Implementation of Particle Swarm Algorithm in Optimization Approach Using Simulation

صفحه 1-11
A. Azadeh؛ Sh. Pashapour؛ H. Shiri


Network Location Problem for Two Congestible Facilities Considering Impatient Customers

صفحه 13-22
J. Arkat؛ Sh. Zamani


A New Approach to Customer Segmentation in the Fixed-line Telecom Using RFM Model

صفحه 23-36
F. Isvand؛ M. Hosseini


A Hub Location Model with Hierarchical Allocation and Limited Demand for Post Network

صفحه 37-50
A. Bozorgi-Amiri؛ S. Torkestani؛ A. Sarajian


A Hybrid Artificial Neural Network for Selecting Product Investment Solution

صفحه 51-65
S. Pourreza؛ H. Akbaripour؛ M.R. Amin-Naseri


A Multi-objective Model to Optimize Gate and Counters Assignment to Arrival Flights (Case study: Imam Khomeini Airport) (Technical note)

صفحه 67-72
A. Rashidi Komijan؛ M. Hassani Doughabadi؛ K. Jamali Firoozabadi


A Decision Making Model to Select Business Intelligence Systems by Using Grey Theory (Technical note)

صفحه 73-82
M.H. Ronaghi؛ K. Feizi؛ A. Asadpoor


Pricing and Inventory Decisions of Deteriorating Complementary Products

صفحه 83-94
A. Taleizadeh؛ M. S. Babaei


A Novel Hybrid Model for Loan Allocation in Banking Investment Projects (Case Study: Bank Toseeye Taavon)

صفحه 95-108
M. Nojavan؛ A. Akbary


A Memetic Algorithm for Designing a Capacitated Hub Network under Demand Uncertainty and Disruption

صفحه 109-123
E. Nikbakhsh؛ S. H. Zegordi


Project Risk Assessment Model Using Multi-Objective Decision-Making Approach (case study: the earth dam project Asalooye)

صفحه 125-135
O. Yousefi؛ P. Naseri؛ A. Nilipour Tabatabaei

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