Application of Shape Memory Alloys in Seismic Isolation: A Review

صفحه 153-171
Shaghayegh Alvandi؛ Mehdi Ghassemieh


Assessing the Performance of Corroding RC Bridge Decks: A Critical Review of Corrosion Propagation Models

صفحه 173-186
Amir Tarighat؛ Fahimeh Jalalifar


Assessment of South Pars Gas Field Subsidence Due To Gas Withdrawal

صفحه 187-197
Akbar Ghazifard؛ Seyed Mahmoud Fatemi Aghda؛ Mohammad Hossein Taherynia


The Effect of Spatial Variability and Anisotropy of Soils on Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations

صفحه 199-213
Reza Jamshidi Chenari؛ Ali Mahigir


A Simple Algorithm for Analyzing a Piled Raft by Considering Stress Distribution

صفحه 215-227
Alireza Saeedi Azizkandi؛ Ali Fakher


Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Containing Pumice and Metakaolin

صفحه 229-238
Pantea Rashid Dadash؛ Ali Akbar Ramezanianpour


Predicting the Grouting Ability of Sandy Soils by Artificial Neural Networks Based On Experimental Tests

صفحه 239-253
Mahmoud Hassanlourad؛ Maryam Vosoughi؛ Arash Sarrafi


Mathematical Modeling of Column-Base Connections under Monotonic Loading

صفحه 255-272
Gholamreza Abdollahzadeh؛ Farid Ghobadi


A Phenomenological Study on Inelastic Torsion Caused By Nonlinear Behavior Changes during Earthquake Excitations

صفحه 273-290
Seyed Bahram Beheshti-Aval؛ Sara Keshani


Effects of Different Water and Super Plasticizer Amount, Pre-Setting and Curing Regimes on the Behavior of Reactive Powder Concrete

صفحه 291-304
M. A. Dashti Rahmatabadi؛ H. Haji Kazemi؛ F. Shahabian

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