Designing a Model for "Business Process-Orientation" Using Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach (ISM)

Adel Azar؛ karim bayat


Technology Acquisition Strategy Modeling Regard to Intelectual Capital Strategy (The Case Study of Institutes Located in University of Tehran Science

Ahmad jafarzadeh؛ Ahmad Ghasemi


The Impact of Information Sharing on Competitive Strategies and the Performance of Supply Chain

Rahman Hosein sar sht؛ Amir Fsar


Effect of Knowledge Sharing on Success of IT Outsourcing

Farajollah Rahnavard؛ Jalil khavand kar


Electronic Service Quality in Public Sector Case of Raja Company

Shamsossadat Zahedi؛ javad Bi niyaz


A Conceptual Model for Evaluating the Organizational Readiness for Establishing IT-Business Alignment (a Case study in ITRC

Amir Manian؛ mahmod saremi؛ Abouzar Arabsorkhi


Use of Business Intelligence as a Strategic Information Technology in Banking: Farud Discovery & Detection

Ali Mohaghar؛ Caro Lucas Ghukasian؛ faride Hosseini؛ Asef Ali Monshi


A Hybrid Neural Networks-Coevolution Genetic Algorithm for Multi Variables Robust Design Problem in Quality Engineering

mohammad reza mehrgan؛ Ali Reza Farasat

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب