A Quantitative Outsourcing Model Considering Dependency among Components

صفحه 1-13
A. Ahmadi Dastjerdi؛ ali shahandeh nookabadi


Genetic Algorithm and Hybrid Method to Minimize Total Distribution Cost in Multi-level Supply Chain

صفحه 15-26
Mohammad Jafar Tarokh؛ A. Naseri


The Role of Opinion Leaders in Marketing Based On Social Networks: A Literature Review and Analysis (Technical note)

صفحه 27-38
N. Jafari Momtaz؛ Abdollah Aghaie


Waiting Time Improvement in Human Queues by Using First-best Customer Priority Rule Algorithm

صفحه 39-51
Abbas Dideban؛ M. Kiani


Presenting a New Model for Inventory Control of Multi-item Economic Production Quantity (EPQ) with Fuzzy Random Demand

صفحه 53-62
A. Kazemi؛ M. R. Malekian؛ K. Sarrafha


An Energy Supply Model of Iran Aiming to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

صفحه 63-75
Aliyeh Kazemi؛ M.R. Mehregan؛ H. Shakouri. G


An Extended Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm to Solve Integrated Model for Production Planning and Dynamic Cellular Manufacturing System

صفحه 77-89
A. Kahfi ardakani؛ Farnaz Barzin pour؛ R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam


A Trust-based Credit Scoring Model Using Neural Network

صفحه 91-104
M. S. Mirtalaie؛ M.A. Azadeh؛ M. Saberi؛ B. Ashjari


A Framework for Bullwhip Measurement in Two and Three-echelon Supply Chains with more than One Product

صفحه 105-117
L. Nazari؛ A. Aghaie

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