A synoptic study on seasonal patterns of wet and dry spells in midwest of Iran

صفحه 89-103
F. Khoshakhlagh؛ R. Ouji؛ M. Jafarbeglou


An analysis of drought events for central plains of Iran through an employment of NOAA-AVHRR data

صفحه 105-115
A. A. Shamsipour؛ S. K. AlaviPanah؛ H. Mohammadi؛ A. Azizi؛ F. Khoshakhlagh


Analysis of relations between water erosion features and effective parameters on their intensity and spatial patterns (Case study: Baleghli chay watershed, Ardebil, Iran)

صفحه 117-127
A. Esmaili؛ H. Ahmadi؛ S. Feiznia؛ J. Ghoddoussi


The relationship between some physiological traits and salt tolerance in Pistachio genotypes

صفحه 129-136
H. Moeinrad


Monitoring the occurrence of frost through an analysis of air masses in south west basins of Iran

صفحه 137-146
E. Fattahi؛ K. Noohi


Proposed policies for integrated watershed management in order to combat desertification in Euphrates and Tigris basin

صفحه 147-154
T. Shamekhi؛ H. Mohammadi Kangarani؛ J. L. Blanchez


Catchment-scale spatial variability analysis of soil hydro-physical properties in a semi-arid region of Iran

صفحه 155-165
H. Motaghian؛ J. Mohammadi؛ A. Karimi


Wind erosion measurement on fallow lands of Yazd-Ardakan plain, Iran

صفحه 167-174
H. R. Azimzadeh؛ M. R. Ekhtesasi؛ H. Gh. Refahi؛ H. Rohipour؛ M. Gorji


Effects of range condition on the temporal diet selection by goats in steppe rangelands of Iran

صفحه 175-179
N. Baghestani-Maybodi؛ M. Jankju-Borzelabad؛ M. Taghi Zare


Monthly runoff forecasting by means of artificial neural networks (ANNs)

صفحه 181-191
A. M. Kalteh؛ P. Hjorth


A land covers classification system for environment assessment in semi-arid regions of Iran

صفحه 193-202
A. R. Keshtkar؛ H. R. Keshtkar


Evaluation of the effects of industrial wastewater on soil properties and land desertification

صفحه 203-210
M. T. Dastorani؛ M. A. Hakimzadeh؛ S. Kalantari

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