The Effect of Latitude on Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen Stable Isotope Ratios in Foliage and in Nitric- oxide ions of Aerosols

صفحه 825-836
H. Katsura


Life Cycle Assessment of Aquaculture Feed and Application to the Turbot Sector

صفحه 837-848
D. Iribarren؛ M.T. Moreira؛ G. Feijoo


Total Dust and Asbestos Concentrations during Asbestos-Containing Materials Abatement in Korea

صفحه 849-852
J.G. Lee؛ K.H. Lee؛ H.I. Choi؛ H.I. Moon؛ S.H. Byeon


Application of Indicator kriging to Evaluate the Probability of Exceeding Nitrate Contamination Thresholds

صفحه 853-862
C. Piccini؛ A. Marchetti؛ R. Farina؛ R. Francaviglia


The Applicability of an Advanced Oxidation Process for Textile Finishing Waste Streams & Fate of Persistent Organic Pollutants

صفحه 863-874
J. Volmajer Valh؛ A. Majcen Le Marechal؛ B. Križanec؛ S. Vajnhandl


Power Plant Design Using Gas Produced By Waste Leachate Treatment Plant

صفحه 875-882
Zh. Rashidi؛ A.R. Karbassi؛ A. Ataei؛ P. Ifaei؛ R. Samiee-Zafarghandi؛ M.J. Mohammadizadeh


Modeling Plausible Impacts of land use change on wildlife habitats, Application and validation: Lisar protected area, Iran

صفحه 883-892
A. Nejadi؛ H.R. Jafari؛ M.F. Makhdoum؛ M. Mahmoudi


Assessment of Water Quality Parameters in Mangrove Ecosystems Along Kerala Coast: A Statistical Approach

صفحه 893-902
M.N. Manju؛ P. Resmi؛ T.R. Gireesh Kumar؛ C.S. Ratheesh Kumar؛ R. Rahul؛ M.M. Joseph؛ N. Chandramohanakumar


Relationship Between Greenways and Ecological Network: A Case Study in Italy

صفحه 903-916
N. Fumagalli؛ A. Toccolini


Treatment of Water Containg Chromium (VI) Using Rice Husk Carbon As a Newlow Cost Adsorbent

صفحه 917-924
S.R. Singh؛ A.P. Singh


Impact of Treatment Temperature Decline on Stability of Advanced Alkaline Biosolids

صفحه 925-932
K.F. Brisolara؛ R.S. Reimers؛ R.E. Whitworth؛ M.J. Hutcheson


Environmental Fate of Terbuthylazine in Soils Amended with Fresh and Aged Final Residue of the Olive-Oil Extraction Process

صفحه 933-944
A. López-Piñeiro؛ A. Albarrán؛ D. Cabrera؛ D. Peña؛ D. Becerra


Kinetic Modeling of Heavy Metals Adsorption on fixed bed Column

صفحه 945-952
J.T. Nwabanne؛ P.K. Igbokwe


Neural Responses to the Human Color Preference for Assessment of eco-friendliness: A functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

صفحه 953-960
T.H. Kim؛ J.K. Song؛ G.W. Jeong


Modeling and Elimination of Atenolol on Granular Activated Carbon in Fixed Bed Column

صفحه 961-968
J.L. Sotelo؛ A. Rodríguez؛ S. Álvarez؛ J. García


Application and Relevance of Biosensors in The Tanning Industry

صفحه 969-984
M. Mwinyihija


Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) in Full Scale Two-stage O3-BAC with Nitrate as Sole Inorganic Nitrogen Source

صفحه 985-994
Z.H. Fan؛ H.N. Zhang؛ X. Xu؛ B. Liu؛ D.D. Zhang؛ X. Yu


Use of Surface Modified Silica gel factory Waste for Removal of 2,4-D Pesticide from Agricultural Wastewater: A case study

صفحه 995-1006
S. Koner؛ A. Pal؛ A. Adak


Environmental Performance and Firm Value: Evidence from Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe

صفحه 1007-1014
E. Pérez-Calderón؛ P. Milanés-Montero؛ F.J. Ortega-Rossell


Evaluation of Process Performance and Sludge Properties of an up-flow staged Sludge Blanket (USSB) reactor for Treatment of Molasses Wastewater

صفحه 1015-1024
T. Onodera؛ S. Sase؛ P. Choeisai؛ W. Yoochatchaval؛ H. Sumino؛ T. Yamaguchi؛ Y. Ebie؛ K. Xu؛ N. Tomioka؛ M. Mizuochi؛ K. Syutsubo


Determinants of Households’ Space Heating type and Expenditures in Italy

صفحه 1025-1038
T. Laureti؛ L. Secondi


Personal Attitudes in Environmental Protection

صفحه 1039-1044
J. Mondéjar-Jiménez؛ J.A. Mondéjar-Jiménez؛ M. Vargas-Vargas؛ J.C. Gázquez-Abad


Age Differences in Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Populations of the Black-Striped Field Mouse, Apodemusagrarius(Rodentia, Mammalia)

صفحه 1045-1052
J. Blagojević؛ V. Jovanović؛ G. Stamenković؛ V. Jojić؛ V. Bugarski-Stanojević؛ T. Adnađević؛ M. Vujošević


GIS Based Multicrteria Analysis in Integration of SEA Process Into Planning, Case Study: South West Region, Republic of Ireland

صفحه 1053-1066
J.S. Vukicevic؛ Z. Nedovic-Budic


Environment and Strategic Behaviour: The Case of Hotelsin and Alusia (SPAIN)

صفحه 1067-1076
J.L. Sánchez-Ollero؛ A. García-Pozo؛ M. Marchante-Lara


Bacterial and Archaeal Community Structures in Phenanthrene Amended Aquifer Sediment Microcosms Under Oxic and Anoxic Conditions

صفحه 1077-1088
S.Y. Zhang؛ Q.F. Wang؛ S.G. Xie


An Empirical Evaluation of The Environmental Responsibility in the Spanish Savings Banks

صفحه 1089-1096
B. Escobar؛ M.M. Miras؛ I. Guzmán

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