A new weighted BPR model for travel time estimation sensitive to “on the road elements”

Ali Hosseini Naveh؛ Masood Varshosaz؛ Mansour Hadji Hosseinlou؛ Ali Esmaeily؛ Kamyar Hassanpour


Different Multi-Criteria Strategies in Hospital Location Ranking using Dempster–Shafer Decision-Level Fusion and Quantifier-guided OWA, A Case Study

Iman Zandi؛ Parham Pahlavani؛ Behnaz Bigdeli


Investigating land subsidence in the Sarkhun gas field using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry

Zahra Azargoshayesh؛ Amirshahrokh Amini


Evaluation of HYCOM sea surface salinity and temperature using buoy measurements

Ali Sam-Khaniani


Measuring drought agriculture by using ADSI and VHI indices and determining crops irrigation effects (case study: Markazi province)

Mohammad Hossein Davodabadi Farahani؛ Alireza Sharifi؛ Mahdi Arabi


Comparison of Some Deep Neural Networks for Corn and Soybean Mapping in Iowa State using Landsat imagery

Mahdiyeh Fathi؛ Reza Shah-Hosseini؛ Armin Moghimi


Downscaling of SMAP Soil Moisture Satellite Via Multivariate Regression and Artificial Neural Network Methods

fateme imanpour؛ Maryam Dehghani؛ Mehran Yazdi


Fault distance-based approach in thermal anomaly detection before strong Earthquakes

Arash Karimi Zarchi؛ Mohammad Reza Saradjian Maralan


Improvement Efficiency of Radial Basis Function Based on the Optimization of its Parameters using Particle Swarm Optimization

Majid Malekpour Golsefidi؛ Rahim Ali Abbaspour


Simulation and Analysis of Flight Altitude and Images Overlaps Impact on 3D Reconstruction Accuracy in UAV Photogrammetry

Mohammad Saadat Seresht؛ Ali Erfanzadeh؛ Saeid Homayouni


3D Convolutional Autoencoder For Tree Extraction From Mobile And Airborne Lidar Point Clouds

Mahdiye Zaboli؛ Danesh Shokri؛ Fariba Dolati؛ Saeid Homayouni


Forest destruction and its impact on land surface temperature using satellite data (Case Study: Forests of Hiran Region)

Jafar Jafarzadeh؛ Ataollah kakroodi؛ Yousef Erfanifard

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