Exploring the Co-Effect of Market-Orientation and Ambidextrous Innovation in Service Innovation of SMEs

صفحه 663-682
Morteza Akbari؛ Niloofar Nobari؛ Hossein Mokhtari؛ Hamid Padash؛ Afsaneh Moradi


A Comprehensive Review of International Research on Market Orientation and the Development of an Applied Model

صفحه 683-700
Shiva Savabieh؛ Shahnaz Nayebzadeh؛ Ramin Abghari؛ Seyed Hasan Hataminasab


Market Sentiment and Stock Market Volatility: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange

صفحه 701-720
Mohammad Tohidi


Accounting Comparability, Stock Liquidity, and Firm Value

صفحه 721-742
Mojtaba Golmohammadi؛ Fatemeh Zarei؛ Ehsan Salimi


The Mediating Role of Advertisement in the Relationship Between Social Media and Online Risk and its Effect on Online Shopping Habits

صفحه 743-758
Qaribu Yahaya Nasidi؛ Muhamad Fazil Ahmad؛ Murtala Garba؛ Usman Ahmed Hafiz؛ Isyaku Hassan


The Mediating Role of Employee Work Engagement in the Relationship between Leadership Psychological Skills and Employee Voice Behavior

صفحه 759-772
Arezoosadat Hashemiamin؛ Yousef Ramezani


Introducing Strategic Drivers of Innovative Ideas in Active Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Different Technological Fields Using a Fuzzy Cognitive Map

صفحه 773-791
Hassan Faghih Abdollahi؛ Hamid Shahbandarzadeh؛ Khalil Mirzaee


The Analysis of the Moderating Role of Brand Type in the Association of Endorser Credibility With Endorser Congruence and Consumer Based-Brand Equity

صفحه 793-814
Arash Nafgash؛ Hossein Rezaei Dolatabadi؛ Seyed Fathollah Amiri Aghdaie


Learning in Research Collaborations With Universities: The Case Study of Iranian Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries

صفحه 815-834
Masoud Ahmadi؛ Mohammad Naghizade؛ Seyed Soroush Ghazinoori؛ Mehdi Goodarzi


COVID-19 Outbreak and Sectoral-Level Stock Returns in the Tehran Stock Exchange: An Event Study

صفحه 835-849
Samira Zarei؛ Zahra Honarmandi


Designing a Mamdani Fuzzy Inference Expert System for evaluating Human Resources in the Iranian Construction Industry

صفحه 851-873
Ahmadreza Dalvand؛ Hamidreza Abbasianjahromi؛ Mehdi Ravanshadnia؛ Ehsanollah Zeighami


Social Networks and Internationalization of SMEs: The Mediating Role of Market Knowledge and Opportunity Recognition

صفحه 875-898
Hashem Aghazade؛ Mohammad Yousefi Akhijahani


The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Employee Performance: Mediating Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors

صفحه 899-921
Taylan Budur؛ Ahmet Demir


The Role of Social Support, Affective Commitment, and Passion for Work on Turnover Intentions: A Study on Women Bankers

صفحه 923-944
Rashid Ahmed Chowdhury؛ Mahi Uddin؛ Afzal Ahmad؛ Nazamul Hoque؛ Abdullahil Mamun؛ Nazim Uddin


The Impact of a Positive Visualisation Course in Brand Identity on Freshmen Students’ Perceptions of University Brand Image

صفحه 945-962
Marilia (Maria) Kountouridou؛ Dino Domic

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب