Examining temperature and soil moisture contents of mulches in the urban landscaping of an arid region

صفحه 139-156
N. Safari؛ F. Kazemi؛ A. Tehranifar


The effect of salt stress on yield and accumulation of some minerals in two salt-tolerant and susceptible onion cultivars

صفحه 157-171
Z. Hosseini؛ M. R. Zare-Bavani؛ A. Zare


Identifying the determinant characteristics influencing soil compactibility indices using neural networks and path analysis

صفحه 173-186
H. Shirani؛ M.R. Mosaddeghi؛ N. Rafienejad؛ S. Sadr؛ H. Naghavi؛ H. Dashti


Monitoring Dynamic Distribution of Surface Soil Moisture Using SMAP data in Simineh-Zarrineh Catchment (Semi-arid region), NW of Iran

صفحه 187-203
Kh. Haji Maleki؛ A.R. Vaezi؛ F. Sarmadian؛ J. Ahmadaali


Environmental impact assessment of tourism development in Lut desert using DPSIR and TOPSIS models

صفحه 205-218
F. Jahanishakib؛ N. Mohammadpour


Capability of Soil Taxonomy (2014) compared to updated WRB (2015) in describing Lut Desert soils

صفحه 219-235
N. Rasooli؛ M.H. Farpoor؛ M. Mahmoodabadi؛ I. Esfandiarpour


The Relationship Between Physiognomic Characteristics of Tamarix aphylla and Seidlitzia rosmarinus with Morphometric Parameters of Khour Va Biabanak County Nebkhas Using Regression Methods and Artificial Neural Network

صفحه 237-249
M. Akhond؛ S. Kalantari؛ M. Sadeghinia؛ M. Tazeh


Combination of spectral indices of OLI and TIRS sensor and magnetic induction data in order to estimate the spatial variation of soil salinity

صفحه 251-265
H.R. Matinfar؛ N. Kianain؛ S. Ahmadi


Exploiting the morphological and phenological diversity in barley landraces of Iran

صفحه 267-278
Sh. Shahmoradi


Biplot Analysis of Genotype-Environment Interaction in Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) in Two Normal and Stress Condition Using the AMMI Model

صفحه 279-285
Z. Chaghakaboodi؛ M. Kakaei؛ A. Zebarjadi؛ D. Kahrizi؛ A. Karatas

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