Integration of 3D seismic attributes and well logs for Asmari reservoir characterization in the Ramshir oilfield, the Dezful Embayment, SW Iran

صفحه 1-21
Rahmat Sadeghi؛ Reza Muossavi Harami؛ Ali Kadkhodaie؛ Asadollah Mahboubi؛ Rahim Kadkhodaie؛ Ahmad Ashtari


New insights into the 2017 Sefidsang earthquake by Coulomb stress change pattern and aftershock distributions: implication for active tectonics of NE Iran

صفحه 23-42
Mahnaz Nedaei؛ Hasan Alizadeh


Petrological analysis of the pyroclastic and volcanic rocks in northern Urmia-Dokhtar, northwestern Mahneshan, NW Iran

صفحه 43-60
Mozhgan Salehi Yazdi؛ Mansour Ghorbani؛ Nima Nezafati؛ Mansour Vossoughi Abedini


Development of the Haraz Road geotourism as a key to increasing tourism industry and promoting geoconservation

صفحه 61-79
Mohsen Ranjbaran؛ Farzad Sotohian


Hydrochemistry and Stable Isotopes Characteristics of Groundwater in an Urban Aquifer, Southwest of Iran

صفحه 81-100
Hassan Daneshian؛ Nasrollaha Kalantari؛ Farshad Alijani


Influence of mechanical parameters and overburden pressure on the mechanical evolution of fault propagation folds: insights from 2D finite-element elastic-plastic models applied to the Ayegan anticline, central Alborz

صفحه 101-114
Anis Khalifeh- Soltani؛ Seyed Ahmad Alavi؛ Mohammad R. Ghassemi؛ Mehdi Ganjiani


Detection of rare earth element anomalies in Esfordi phosphate deposit of Central Iran, using geostatistical-fractal simulation

صفحه 115-130
Mojtaba Shamseddin Meigooni؛ Mohammad Lotfi؛ Peyman Afzal؛ Nima Nezafati؛ Maryam Kargar Razi


Modeling of land subsidence due to groundwater overexploitation using elastoplastic Mohr-Coulomb model in Arak plain, Iran

صفحه 131-151
Mohammad Hossein Jahangir؛ Zahra Kosravi؛ Hamid Sarrafha


Reservoir lithofacies modeling using well logs and seismic data based on Sequential Indicator Simulations and Probability Perturbation Method in a Bayesian framework

صفحه 153-168
Mohamadreza Shad Salanghouch؛ Mohammad Emami Niri


The Sedimentological Record of Upper Holocene Tsunami Event in Fengbin, Taiwan

صفحه 169-203
FX ANJAR TRI LAKSONO؛ Louis Loung Yie Tsai؛ Jessica Pilarczyk


Mineralogical reconstruction of Late Pleistocene - Holocene climate and environmental changes in southern wetlands of Lake Urmia

صفحه 205-218
Bita Mirzapour؛ Razyeh Lak؛ Mohsen Aleali؛ Morteza Jamali؛ Reza Shahbazi


Depositional and diagenetic impact on reservoir quality of the Asmari carbonate reservoir, Naft-Sefid Oilfield, SW Iran

صفحه 219-243
Abdolmotaleb Haghighat؛ Mohsen Aleali؛ Nader K. Ghadimvand؛ Davood Jahani؛ Zahra Maleki

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