A Partial Shading Detection Algorithm for Photovoltaic Generation Systems

دوره 6، شماره 1، بهار 2021، صفحه 678-687
Alireza Zabihi؛ Iman Sadeghkhani؛ Bahador Fani


Designing a new smart IED for detecting and clearing faults in solar networks

دوره 5، شماره 1، بهار 2020، صفحه 308-313
Mahsa Shahrjerdi؛ Navid Ghaffarzadeh


On the development of a sliding mode observer-based fault diagnosis scheme for a wind turbine benchmark model

دوره 5، شماره 1، بهار 2017، صفحه 13-26
Mostafa Rahnavard؛ Mohammad Reza Hairi Yazdi؛ Moosa Ayati


Simulation-based Vibration Sensor Placement for Centrifugal Pump Impeller Fault Detection

دوره 51، شماره 1، شهریور 2020، صفحه 72-80
Alireza Zabihihesari؛ Farzad A. Shirazi؛ Alireza Riasi؛ Mohammad Mahjoob؛ Erfan Asnaashari

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