Developing Structural Dimensions in accordance with Knowledge Management Approach

دوره 3، شماره 7، پاییز 2011، صفحه 133-150
Abbas Monavvarian؛ Mehdi kheirandish؛ Nasser Asgari


Introducing a Model of Human-Social Infrastructure Enabling Knowledge Management Practices

دوره 4، شماره 10، تابستان 2012، صفحه 160-181
Abbas Monavvarian؛ Mohammad Mousakhani؛ Peyman Akhavan؛ Nasser Asgari


Introducing a model of influencing factors of customer's trust and satisfaction in E-commerce area (Case study: Group discount sites in Iran)

دوره 7، شماره 3، پاییز 2015، صفحه 655-674
Naser Asgari؛ Hamed Heidari


Studying the Intervening Role of Social Capital in the Effect on Corporate Social Media on Quality of Knowledge and Innovational Performance

دوره 8، شماره 4، زمستان 2016، صفحه 751-770
Naser Asgari؛ Behnam Jahani


The Effect of Psychological Empowerment on Enhancing the Potential of Knowledge Creation in the Organizations

دوره 5، شماره 1، تابستان 2013، صفحه 107-126
Nasser Asgari؛ Mahdi KHeirandish؛ Mehrdad Gholami؛ Maryam Khalatbari Moazzam


The Role of Organizational Culture in Facilitating Knowledge Management Practices

دوره 5، شماره 4، بهار 2014، صفحه 1-22
Mostafa Ashena؛ Naser Asgari؛ Alireza Moradi Saleh؛ Davoud Ghafouri

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