Carcinogen Risk Assessment of Mutagen X in Chlorinated Drinking Water in West of Tehran, Using Probabilistic Approaches

صفحه 469-480
M. Bagheban؛ H. Karyab؛ M. Baghdadi؛ A. Mohammadi؛ B. Akbarpour؛ A. Keshtkar


Diversity of Lichen Flora in Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park, Kaatuan, Lantapan, Bukidnon

صفحه 481-489
M.L. Cababan؛ M. M. Memoracion؛ M. A. Naive


Emission and Environmental Goals in Decision Making Modeling for Load Dispatch

صفحه 491-501
M. H. Karim؛ H. Memarian؛ Y. Valitabar


Decolorization of Reactive Black-5 High Concentration by Vermicompost Microflora and Detoxification of By-Products by UV-C/H2O2 Post-Treatment

صفحه 503-511
Z. Emadi؛ M. Sadeghi؛ F. Mohammadi-moghadam؛ R. Sadeghi؛ S. Forouzandeh؛ R. Sadeghi


Interfering effects of Iron(II) and Arsenic(III) in the Cerium-based adsorption technology in Bangladesh

صفحه 513-519
M. A. Akbor؛ M. M. Rahman؛ R. Akter؛ S. Hossain؛ S. Ahmed؛ M. A. B. Siddique؛ A. Nahar؛ Md. Khabir Uddin


Evaluation of PM2.5 Emissions in Tehran by Means of Remote Sensing and Regression Models

صفحه 521-529
H. Jafarian؛ S. Behzadi


Assessment of Disposal Scenarios for Solid Waste Management Using Fuzzy Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix; a Case Study of Khorramabad Industrial Estate

صفحه 531-541
M. Ghobadi؛ M. Ahmadipari؛ M. Pazoki


Modeling and Optimization of Arsenic (III) Removal from Aqueous Solutions by GFO Using Response Surface Methodology

صفحه 543-553
F. S. Tabatabaei؛ H. Izanloo؛ H. Heidari؛ N. Vaezi؛ M. Zamanzadeh؛ A. Nadali؛ R. Aali؛ M. Asadi-Ghalhari


Levels of Fine Particulate Matter Bound Trace Metals in Air of Glass Industrial Area; Firozabad

صفحه 555-568
K. Rajouriya؛ H. Rohra؛ A. Taneja


Qualitative Analysis of Plastic Debris on Beaches of Brunei Darussalam

صفحه 569-580
Z. Qaisrani؛ S. Shams؛ Z. R. Guo؛ A. A. Mamun


Response surface method Optimization of the Dyes Degradation using Zero-Valent Iron based Bimetallic Nanoparticle on the Bentonite Clay Surface

صفحه 581-595
M. R. Sabouri؛ M. R. Sohrabi؛ A. Zeraatkar Moghaddam


Assessment of Accumulation and Potential Health Risk of Cr, Mn, Fe, Cu, and Zn in Fish from North-Eastern Mediterranean Sea

صفحه 597-610
M. F. Can؛ A. B. Yılmaz؛ A. Yanar؛ E. Kılıç


Heavy Metal Pollution from Dental Clinics–Part 1:Annual Emissions Assessment

صفحه 611-626
A. Benaïssa؛ M. S. Madjram؛ B. Taouk؛ L. Abdelouahed


Dissipation of butachlor by a new strain of Pseudomonas sp. isolated from paddy soils

صفحه 627-635
A. A. Pourbabaei؛ E. Khoshhal Nakhjiri؛ E. Torabi؛ M. Farahbakhsh


A Regression-Based Analysis to Assess the Impact of Fluoride Reach River Water on the Groundwater Aquifer Adjacent to the River: A Case Study in Bharalu River Basin of Guwahati, India

صفحه 637-650
M. Das؛ R. K. Bhattacharjya


Road Traffic and PM10, PM2.5 Emission at an Urban Area in Algeria: Identification and Statistical Analysis

صفحه 651-660
N. Belarbi؛ M. Belamri؛ B. Dahmani؛ M. A. Benamar


Effect of Composting Process on Some Chemical-Biological Properties and Heavy Metals Behavior of Municipal Sewage Sludge as Affected by Various Bulking Agents

صفحه 661-679
M. Saffari؛ V. R. Saffari؛ H. Khabazzadeh؛ H. Naghavi


Bio-Accumulation of Lead and Cadmium by Radish (Raphanus sativus) and Cress (Lepidium sativum) under Hydroponic Growing Medium

صفحه 681-693
F. Hedayatzadeh؛ M. Banaee؛ K. Shayesteh

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