Achieving Regional Convergence through the Role of Foreign Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment: Evidence from ASEAN+3

صفحه 1-18
I Made Suidarma؛ Wayan Sri Maitri؛ I Made Darta؛ I Gusti Nengah Darma Diatmika


The Impact of Neighborhood on Iran’s Intra-Industry Trade (A Spatial Panel Econometric Approach)

صفحه 19-39
Amin Mansouri؛ Abdolmajid Ahangari


Social Collateral and Repayment Performance: Evidence from Islamic Micro Finance

صفحه 41-74
Abdul Rafay؛ Saqib Farid؛ Farah Yasser؛ Shahid Safdar


The Optimal Allocation of Iran's Natural Gas

صفحه 75-98
Seyed Ehsan Alavi؛ Mohammad Reza Lotfalipour؛ Mohammad Ali Falahi؛ Sohrab Effati


Reaction of Stock Market Index to Oil Price Shocks

صفحه 99-128
Masoud Shirazi؛ Ali Emami Meibodi


Dutch Disease, Rentier State, and Resource Curse: A Characteristic Triangle and Ultra Challenge in the Iranian Economy

صفحه 129-157
Yadollah Dadgar؛ Zeinab Orooji


Tourism Impact on Air Pollution in Developed and Developing Countries

صفحه 159-180
Mohammad Alizadeh


Investigating the Effects of Contractual Factors and Arrangements on the Optimum Level of Production in Oil and Gas Projects: Evidence from the South Pars Phases 17 & 18

صفحه 181-223
Ali Emami Meibodi؛ Atefeh Taklif؛ Hamidreza Arbab؛ Hassan Bovairi Monji


Investigating Causal Relationship between Financial Development Indicators and Economic Growth: Toda and Yamamoto Approach

صفحه 225-246
Oluyemi Adewole Okunlola؛ Emilomo Omons Masade؛ Adewale Folaranmi Lukman؛ Samuel Ajayi Abiodun


Identification of Cyclical Banks in Iranian Banking System (Focus on Leverage Ratio)

صفحه 247-266
Mahshid Shahchera


Agricultural Economic Dynamics in a Bayesian DSGE Model for Iran

صفحه 267-297
Mahdi Khosravi؛ Hossein Mehrabi Boshrabadi


Modeling Gold Volatility: Realized GARCH Approach

صفحه 299-311
Esmaiel Abounoori؛ Mohammad Amin Zabol

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