Simulation Study of Salinity Effect on Polymer Flooding in Core Scale

صفحه 137-152
Saeideh Mohammadi؛ Elnaz Khodapanah؛ Seyyed Alireza Tabatabaei-Nejad


Investigation of Asphaltene Precipitation Using Response Surface Methodology Combined with Artificial Neural Network

صفحه 153-167
Zeinab Hosseini-dastgerdi؛ Saeid Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi


Lactic-based Novel Amine Ionic Liquid: Synthesis and Characterization of [DEA][Lac]

صفحه 169-176
Mohsen Samimi؛ Ali Hojatnia


Bubble Pressure Prediction of Reservoir Fluids using Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine

صفحه 177-189
Afshin Dehghani Kiadehi؛ Bahman Mehdizadeh؛ kamyar Movagharnejad


PSO-ANFIS and ANN Modeling of Propane/Propylene Separation using Cu-BTC Adsorbent

صفحه 191-201
Sohrab Fathi؛ Abbas Rezaei؛ Majid Mohadesi؛ Mona Nazari


An Investigation on Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Cracking initiation of a Ferritic Stainless Steel in a Tertiary Amine Solution

صفحه 203-210
Hassan Panahi؛ Abdolmajid Eslami


Analysis of the Casing Collapse in Terms of Geomechanical Parameters and Solid Mechanics

صفحه 211-225
Farid Ghodusi؛ Hossein Jalalifar؛ Saeed Jafari


Investigation of Thermodynamic Consistency Test of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Room-Temperature Ionic liquids using Generic van der Waals Equation of State

صفحه 227-236
Amirhossein Saali؛ Mohammad Shokouhi؛ Hossein Sakhaeinia


Geomechanical Sanding Prediction in Oil Fields by Wellbore Stability Charts

صفحه 237-244
Nadia Al Khalifin؛ Adel Al-Ajmi؛ Hamoud Al-Hadrami


New Insight on Deformation of Walnut/Ceramic Proppant Pack under Closure Stress in Hydraulic Fracture: Numerical Investigation

صفحه 245-251
Mohammad Hasan Badizad؛ Amir Hossein Saeedi Dehaghani


Prediction of methanol loss by hydrocarbon gas phase in hydrate inhibition unit by back propagation neural networks

صفحه 253-264
Behzad Vaferi


Sliding Mode Control For Heartbeat Electrocardiogram Tracking Problem

صفحه 265-272
Hooman Fatoorehchi؛ Sohrab Ali Ghorbanian

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