Verification of IVE Model for SAIPA Co. Fleet Emission

صفحه 235-245
Sh. Alipourmohajer؛ Y. Rashidi؛ F. Atabi


Influential Factors of Air Pollution Awareness in Isfahan, Iran

صفحه 247-256
F. Yazdanibakhsh؛ E. Salehi؛ E. Faham؛ M. M. Amin


Monitoring of SO2 column concentration over Iran using satellite-based observations during 2005-2016

صفحه 257-268
H. Salmabadi؛ M. Saeedi


Degradation of Hydrocarbons and Lignin-like compounds by Alcaligenes sp. strain 3k isolated from Ilorin

صفحه 269-277
D. O. Adetitun؛ B. Fathepure؛ H. Hugh؛ O. M. Kolawole؛ A. B. Olayemi


Estrous Cycle and Early Pregnancy of White Mice Exposed to Methomyl

صفحه 279-286
J. M. Toledo؛ L. E. Gamalo؛ M. D. Maligalig؛ K. J. Suetos؛ M. Galapon


Liquid Effluent Discharge and Control Management of Surrounding Soil

صفحه 287-300
H. M. Hussein؛ S. Ayub؛ A. A. Siddiqui


Simulating the Influence of Greenhouse Gases on the Climate of West Africa

صفحه 301-312
M. O. Adeniyi؛ E. F. Nymphas؛ E. O. Oladiran


Assessment of Contamination Potential of Leachate from Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Sites for Metropolitan Cities in India

صفحه 313-322
Naveen B. P.؛ Malik R. K.


Bioassessment of Heavy Metals in Wheat Crop from Soil and Dust in a Coal Mining Area

صفحه 323-337
A. Maqbool؛ Xiao X.؛ Wang H.؛ Z. Bian؛ M. W. Akram


Efficient Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption on Cerium Vanadate Nanoparticles

صفحه 339-349
Sh. Dehghan Abkenar؛ M. Hosseini؛ M. Sadeghpour Karimi؛ M. R. Ganjali


Bioremediation of Cadmium by Mixed Indigenous Isolates Serratia liquefaciens BSWC3 and Klebsiella Pneumoniae RpSWC3 Isolated from Industrial and Mining Affected Water Samples

صفحه 351-360
P. Kumar؛ S. B. Gupta؛ Anurag -؛ R. Soni


The Evaluation of Tropospheric Ozone Formation in the Downwind of the South Pars Industrial Zone

صفحه 361-375
M. Moradzadeh؛ k. Ashrafi؛ M. Shafiepour-Motlagh


Uptake of Some Elements with Aquatic Plants Exposed to the Effluent of Wastewater Treatment Plant

صفحه 377-386
S. Tatar؛ E. Obek؛ E. I. Arslan Topal؛ M. Topal


Evaluating the Potential of Plants (leaves) in Removal of Toxic Metals from Urban Soils (Case Study of a District in Tehran City)

صفحه 387-394
N. Eghbal؛ T. Nasrabadi؛ A. R. Karbassi؛ L. Taghavi


Assessment of Converter Sludge from Esfahan Steel Company as a Persulfate Nano-Activator for Permeable Reactive Barriers (Prbs) in Landfill Leachate Treatment

صفحه 395-409
A. M. Soubh؛ M. A. Abdoli؛ M. Baghdadi؛ B. Aminzadeh


Capability of Reused Waste from Aluminum Industry (Red Mud) in Iran to Improve Compressive Strength of Loose Soil

صفحه 411-418
A. Daryabeigi Zand؛ M. Rabiee Abyaneh؛ H. Hoveidi


A Multi-Metric Index for Hydrocarbons Source Apportionment

صفحه 419-427
M. Mahmudi؛ S. H. Hashemi؛ A. Salemi


Radiological dose Assessment by Means of a Coupled WRF-HYSPLIT Model under Normal Operation of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

صفحه 429-448
M. Feyzinejad؛ H. Malakooti؛ M. Sadrinasab؛ S. Ghader

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