Investigation of Geostrophic and Ekman Surface Current Using Satellite Altimetry Observations and Surface Wind in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea

صفحه 1-18
Saeed Farzaneh؛ Kamal Parvazi؛ Tayebe Noroozi


Transforming Geocentric Cartesian Coordinates to Geodetic Coordinates by a New Initial Value Calculation Paradigm

صفحه 19-28
Norollah Tatar؛ Saeed Farzaneh


Large-scale Inversion of Magnetic Data Using Golub-Kahan Bidiagonalization with Truncated Generalized Cross Validation for Regularization Parameter Estimation

صفحه 29-39
Saeed Vatankhah


Application of Single-Frequency Time-Space Filtering Technique for Seismic Ground Roll and Random Noise Attenuation

صفحه 41-51
Mohammad Radad


Sensitivity analysis of time lapse gravity for monitoring fluid saturation changes in a giant multi-phase gas reservoir located in south of Iran

صفحه 53-61
Abdolmalek Khosravi؛ Seyed Hani Motavalli-Anbaran؛ Sajad Sarallah- Zabihi؛ Mohammad Emami Niri


Location and dimensionality estimation of geological bodies using eigenvectors of "Computed Gravity Gradient Tensor"

صفحه 63-71
Korosh Karimi؛ Mohsen Oveisy Moakhar؛ Farzad Shirzaditabar


Attenuation of spatial aliasing in CMP domain by non-linear interpolation of seismic data along local slopes

صفحه 73-85
Mohammad Javad Khoshnavaz؛ Hamid Reza Siahkoohi؛ Andrej Bóna


Kalman filter and Neural Network methods for detecting irregular variations of TEC around the time of powerful Mexico (Mw=8.2) earthquake of September 08, 2017

صفحه 87-97
Mehdi Akhoondzadeh Hanzaei


Application of Wavelet Neural Networks for Improving of Ionospheric Tomography Reconstruction over Iran

صفحه 99-114
Mir Reza Ghaffari Razin؛ Behzad Voosoghi


Prediction of monthly rainfall using artificial neural network mixture approach, Case Study: Torbat-e Heydariyeh

صفحه 115-126
Iman Zabbah؛ Ali Reza Roshani؛ Amin Khafage


Quantification and assessment of effective of global warming on the occurrence of heat and cold waves in some selected stations in Iran

صفحه 127-144
Gholam Reza Roshan؛ Abdolazim Ghanghermeh؛ Elham Neyazmand


Spatiotemporal Variations of Total Cloud Cover and Cloud Optical Thickness in Iran

صفحه 145-164
Mahmoud Ahmadi؛ Abbasali Dadashiroudbari؛ Hamzeh Ahmadi


Periodicity of Downward Longwave Radiation at an Equatorial Location

صفحه 165-177
Nsikan Obot؛ Ibifubara Humphrey؛ Michael Chendo؛ Elijah Oyeyemi؛ Sunday Udo

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