Seasonality in Tourism and Forecasting Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India

صفحه 629-658
P. K. Mishra؛ Himanshu B. Rout؛ B. B. Pradhan


A review of agent-based modeling (ABM) concepts and some of its main applications in management science

صفحه 659-692
Hossein Sabzian؛ Mohammad Ali Shafia؛ Ali Bonyadi Naeini؛ Gholamreza Jandaghi؛ Mohammad Javad Sheikh


Investigating Predictability of Different "Forms of Return" in Tehran Stock Exchange: Some Rolling Regressions-based Evidence

صفحه 693-714
Azam Mohtadi؛ Rezvan Hejazi؛ Sayed Ali Hosseini؛ mansoor momeny


Implicit Leadership Theories (ILTs) and change behaviors: the mediating role of LMX

صفحه 715-741
Mohammad Sadegh Sharifirad؛ Soodeh Hajhoseiny


A Data Envelopment Analysis Method for Evaluating Performance of Customer Relationship Management

صفحه 743-767
Samaneh Karimi-Ghartemani؛ Ahmadreza Shekarchizadeh؛ Naser Khani


P/E Modeling and Prediction of Firms Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange; a New Approach to Harmony Search Algorithm and Neural Network Hybridization

صفحه 769-793
Mozhgan safa؛ Hossein Panahian


Examining the Moderating Role of Gender on the Relationship between the Benefits of Sales Promotion and Consumer Perception

صفحه 795-830
Somesh Kumar Sinha؛ Priyanka Verma


A new multi-objective mathematical model for hazardous waste management considering social and environmental issues

صفحه 831-865
Masoud Rabbani؛ Saeed Danesh Shahraki؛ Hamed Farrokhi-Asl؛ Stanley Frederick W.T. Lim

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