Reliability Assessment of Functional Balance Tests in Semi-Professional Adolescent and Young Girls of Several Selected Sport Fields

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Shamin Ghandili؛ Heydar Sadeghi


The Effect of Six Weeks of Neuromuscular Training on Joint Position Sense and Lower Extremity Function in Male Athletes with Functional Ankle Instability

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Hadi Samadi؛ Reza Rajabi؛ Mohammad Karimizadeh Ardakani


The Effect of Functional Fatigue on Pattern and Onset of Electromyography Activation of Selective Lumbo-Pelvic and Peroneal Muscles in Elite Female Taekwondo Athletes

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mona mirjani؛ foad seidi؛ hooman minoonejad


A Comparison of EMG Activity of Some Lower Extremity Muscles in Individuals with and without Dynamic Knee Malalignment in Single-Leg Squat

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negar kooroshfard؛ Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh؛ Nafiseh Afshari


The Effect of Cawthorne and Cooksey Training program on Static and Dynamic Balance of Women with Multiple Sclerosis

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hamid zahedi؛ Fahimeh Shafeai


A Comparison of Range of Motion of Joints and Isometric Strength of Lower Extremity Muscles in Female Athletes with and without Dynamic Knee Valgus

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sareh shahheidari؛ ali asghar norasteh؛ hasan daneshmandi


The Effect of 8 Weeks of Regional Dance on Cardiovascular Endurance of Mentally Retarded Students

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saeed ghaeeni؛ Fatemeh Saeraei Zadeh


Immediate and Long-Term Effect of Cold Spray on Myoelectric Variables of Selected Muscles of Lower Extremity of Dominant Leg during Single-Leg Drop-Jump

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Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi؛ Mehrdad Anbarian

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