The Design and Evaluation of a 100 kW Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant in Semnan City

صفحه 287-293
I. Gharibshahian؛ S. Sharbati؛ A.A. Orouji


Site Selection of Solar Power Plant using GIS-Fuzzy DEMATEL Model: A Case Study of Bam and Jiroft Cities of Kerman Province in Iran

صفحه 323-328
S.K. Afshari Pour؛ S. Hamzeh؛ N. Neysani Samany


Investigation Effective Parameters Of a Diffusion Absorption Refrigeration Cycle Coupled with a Solar Parabolic Collector

صفحه 273-280
P. Behmanesh؛ A. Bolkhari؛ M. Bazargan


The Role of Photovoltaic Water Pumps in Development of Agricultural Sector

صفحه 281-285
S. Dehhaghi؛ SH. Choobchian


A Sustainable Transition to Renewable Energy Resources in Oil Producing Countries: A Case Study of Iran

صفحه 249-272
M. Hemmati


Graphene Synthesis Methods for Graphene Based Supercapacitors of the Solar Energy Systems

صفحه 309-314
S. Hasanlou؛ M. Vaseghi؛ M. Sameezadeh


Optimization of Structure of Solar Cells Based on Lead Perovskites (CH3NH3PbX3, X: I, Br) Via Numerical Simulation

صفحه 315-321
F. Sadeghi؛ M. Neghabi


Cascade organic Rankine cycle using LNG cold energy: Energetic and exergetic assessments

صفحه 329-335
A. Sohbatloo؛ FA. Boyaghchi

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