Dielectrophoretic effect of nonuniform electric fields on the protoplast cell

صفحه 1-14
Kia Dastani؛ Mahdi Moghimi Zand؛ Amin Hadi


Transient thermoelastic analysis of FGM rotating thick cylindrical pressure vessels under arbitrary boundary and initial conditions

صفحه 15-26
Azam Afshin؛ Mohammad Zamani Nejad؛ Kia Dastani


Stiffness control of a legged robot equipped with a serial manipulator in stance phase

صفحه 27-38
Mohammad Reza Lavaei؛ Mohammad Mahjoob؛ Amir Behjat


Predicting Low Cycle Fatigue Life through Simulation of Crack in Cover Plate Welded Beam to Column Connections

صفحه 39-52
Mehdi Ghassemieh؛ Moein Rezapour؛ Ashkan Taghinia


Multi objective optimization of the vibration analysis of composite natural gas pipelines in nonlinear thermal and humidity environment under non-uniform magnetic field

صفحه 53-64
Abbas Moradi؛ Hesam Makvandi؛ Iman Bavarsad Salehpoor


Parametric study of a viscoelastic RANS turbulence model in the fully developed channel flow

صفحه 65-74
Saber Azad؛ Alireza Riasi؛ Hossein Mahmoodi darian؛ Hamed Amiri Moghadam


Updating finite element model using frequency domain decomposition method and bees algorithm

صفحه 75-88
Pouyan Alimouri؛ Shapour Moradi؛ Rahim Chinipardaz


Elastic analysis of functionally graded rotating thick cylindrical pressure vessels with exponentially-varying properties using power series method of Frobenius

صفحه 89-98
Mahboobeh Gharibi؛ Mohammad Zamani Nejad؛ Amin Hadi


Nonlinear Vibration and Stability Analysis of Beam on the Variable Viscoelastic Foundation

صفحه 99-110
Mohammad Choulaie؛ ahmad bagheri؛ Ali Khademifar


Buckling Behavior of Composite Plates with a Pre-central Circular Delamination Defect under in-Plane Uniaxial Compression

صفحه 111-122
Mohammad Shishesaz؛ Mahsa Kharazi؛ Parvaneh Hosseini؛ Mohammad Hosseini


Refined plate theory for free vibration analysis of FG nanoplates using the nonlocal continuum plate model

صفحه 123-136
Mostafa Goodarzi؛ Mansour Nikkhah Bahrami؛ Vahid Tavaf


Evaluation of Evaporation Estimation Methods: a Case Study of Karaj Dam Lake

صفحه 137-150
Kamyar Behrouzi؛ Seyed Farshid Chini

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