The Factors Affecting Environmental Performance Index (EPI) in Selected OPEC Countries

صفحه 457-467
Abolfazl Shahabadi؛ Hanieh Samari؛ Morteza Nemati


An Estimation of The Impact of Economic Sanctions and Oil Price Shocks on Iran-Russian Trade: Evidence from a Gravity- VEC Approach

صفحه 469-497
Ehsan Rasoulinezhad؛ Liudmila Popova


The Expansion of Location Theories of Firms and Products’ Consistency Using Triangular Distribution Approach

صفحه 497-518
Kiumars Shahbazi؛ Salah Salimian


The Historical and Variance Decomposition for Oil Price, Oil Consumption, OPEC and Non-OPEC Oil Production

صفحه 519-541
Somayeh Azami؛ Shahram Fattahi؛ Mehdi Rezaei


The Effects of Foreign Trade, Energy Consumption and Human Capital on GDP in Several Candidate Developed Countries and Developing Countries

صفحه 543-566
Vida Varahrami؛ Maryam Sarfaraz


Testing Fiscal Reaction Function in Iran: An Application of Nonlinear Dickey-Fuller (NDF) Test

صفحه 567-581
Ahmad Jafari Samimi؛ Saeed Karimi Petanlar؛ Jalal Montazeri Shoorekchali


The Sustainable Development

صفحه 583-601
Zahra Fotourehchi


Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from Iran and GCC

صفحه 601-620
Fateh Habibi؛ Mohammad Sharif Karimi


Prioritizing Target Markets for the Export of Iran Construction Services

صفحه 621-637
Mina Mehrnoosh؛ Fatemeh Shamshiri


Foreign Interest Rates and the Islamic Stock Market Integration between Indonesia and Malaysia

صفحه 639-659
Pasrun Adam؛ Ambo Wonua Nusantara؛ Abd Azis Muthalib


Natural Resources, Institutions Quality, and Economic Growth; A Cross-Country Analysis

صفحه 661-693
Saeed Moshiri؛ Sara Hayati


Health Financing: Does Governance Quality Matter?

صفحه 693-723
Abdalla Sirag؛ Norashidah Mohamed Nor؛ Nik Mustapha Raja Abdullah

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