Evaluating the Effectiveness of Integrated Benders Decomposition Algorithm and Epsilon Constraint Method for Multi-Objective Facility Location Problem under Demand Uncertainty

صفحه 551-576
Iman Rahimi؛ Sai Hong Tang؛ Abdollah Ahmadi؛ Siti Azfanizam Binti Ahmad؛ Lai Soon Lee؛ Adel M. Sharaf


The Impact of Audit Committee and Its Characteristics on the Firms’ Information Environment

صفحه 577-608
Hossien Fakhari؛ Yasser Rezaei Pitenoei


Conceptual Model of Innovation Capability in Industrial and Academic Research Centers: A Systematic Review

صفحه 609-640
Maryam Yaghoubi؛ Ehsan Teymourzadeh؛ Mohammadkarim Bahadori؛ Fatemeh Ghardashi


Auditor Tenure, Auditor Industry Expertise, and Audit Report Lag: Evidences of Iran

صفحه 641-666
Gholamreza Karami؛ Tahere Karimiyan؛ Saba Salati


Human Resource Management in the Public Sector: An Investigation into the Iranian Ministries

صفحه 667-695
Asal Aghaz؛ Alireza Sheikh؛ Tayebeh Amirkhani


The Mediation Effect of Financial Leverage on the Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Financial Corporate Performance

صفحه 697-714
Amirhossein Taebi Noghondari؛ Ali Taebi Noghondari


Estimating Stock Price in Energy Market Including Oil, Gas, and Coal: The Comparison of Linear and Non-Linear Two-State Markov Regime Switching Models

صفحه 715-728
Reza Mohseni؛ Leila Sakhtkar Modallal


Evaluating the Efficiency of Iran’s Provincial Tax Offices and Ranking Them by DEA/AHP

صفحه 729-750
Ali Mohammadi؛ Maryam Sadeghi؛ Payam Shojaei؛ Ameneh Rezaei

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