The Study of Biological Technologies for the Removal of Sulfur Compounds

صفحه 205-219
F. Nazari؛ ME. Kefayati؛ J. Raheb


Synthesis of Oxazolone and Imidazolone Derivatives in Presence of H2O2 Promoted Fly Ash as a Novel and Efficient Catalyst

صفحه 221-230
S. Fozooni؛ H. Khoshdast؛ H. Hassani؛ H. Hamidian


Estimating the Mechanical Properties of Travertine Building Stones Due to Salt Crystallization Using Multivariate Regression Analysis

صفحه 231-241
A. Jamshidi؛ M.R. Nikudel؛ M. Khamehchiyan؛ A. Zalooli؛ H. Yeganehfar


Characterizing Tourmaline in Metapelitic Schists from The Gasht Area, North Iran and Boron Source in Metamorphic Fluids

صفحه 243-253
M. Moazzen؛ R. Michaeli؛ M. Ahangari؛ U. Altenberger


Urgonian Type Microfossils of the Dariyan Formation, from Southwest of Iran (Northeast of Shiraz)

صفحه 255-265
M. Yavari؛ M. Yazdi؛ H. Ghalavand؛ M. H. Adabi


Detecting Outliers in Exponentiated Pareto Distribution

صفحه 267-272
M. Jabbari Nooghabi


Hypercube Bivariate-Based Key Management for Wireless Sensor Networks

صفحه 273-285
I. Qasemzadeh Kolagar؛ H. Haj Seyyed Javadi؛ M. Anzani

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