Identification and Expression of Genes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Penicillin and Its Detection by HPLC in Penicillium chrysogenum

صفحه 105-111
SF. Miri؛ M.A. Tajick؛ H. Rahimian؛ G. Nematzadeh


Green Synthesis and Characterization of Bi2O3 Nanorods as Catalyst for Aromatization of 1,4-Dihydropyridines

صفحه 113-118
F. Farzaneh؛ L. Jafari Foruzin؛ Z. Sharif؛ E. Rashtizadeh


Evaluation of Biological Activity and Analysis of Volatile Fraction from Pterocarya fraxinifolia in Vegetative Stage from Iran

صفحه 119-126
M. Akhbari؛ S. Tavakoli؛ Z. Ghanbari؛ M. Dadgarnia؛ A. Mazoochi


Novel Levofloxacin Derivatives as Potent Antibacterial Agents

صفحه 127-131
Moshafi M. H.؛ N. Bahador؛ S. Moghimi؛ R. Ejtemaei؛ A. Foroumadi؛ Asadipour A.


The Exploration Significance of Ag/Au, Au/Cu, Cu/Mo, (Ag×Au)/(Cu×Mo) Ratios, Supra-ore and Sub-ore Halos and Fluid Inclusions in Porphyry Deposits: A Review

صفحه 133-146
H. Atapour


Improving Petrophysical Interpretation of Conventional Log ‎by Determination of Real Bed Boundaries

صفحه 147-154
F. Khoshbakht؛ M. R. Rasaie؛ A. Shekarifard


High Potash Volcanic Rocks and Pyroclastic Deposits of Damavand Volcano, Iran, an Example of Intraplate Volcanism

صفحه 155-168
M. Mortazavi


C*-algebras on r-discrete Abelian Groupoids

صفحه 169-174
H. Myrnouri


Bias-Induced Optical Absorption of Current Carrying Two-Orbital Quantum Dot with Strong Electron-Phonon Interaction (Polaron Regime)

صفحه 175-183
A. Eskandari-asl

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