Evaluating the Performance of Eleven Olive Cultivars in Fars Province of Iran

صفحه 1-8
Mohamad Reza Taslimpour؛ Ali Asghar Zeinanloo؛ Elham Aslmoshtaghi


Quality improvement and shelf life extension of fresh apricot fruit (Prunus Armeniaca cv. Shahroudi) using postharvest chemical treatments and packaging during cold storage

صفحه 9-18
Farid Moradinezhad؛ Mehdi Jahani


Morphophysiological and Biochemical Responses of Zinnia elegans to Different Irrigation Regimes in Symbiosis with Glomus mosseae

صفحه 19-32
Zahra Heidari؛ Mohammad Javad Nazarideljou؛ Younes Rezaie Danesh؛ Nabi Khezrinejad


Application of Various Concentrations of Essential Oils of Savory, Ajowan and Thyme to Maintain Quality and Shelf Life of Gladiolus Cut Flower

صفحه 33-41
Seyed Hossein Mirdehghan؛ Zahra Aghamolaei


Physicochemical Properties and Nutritional Value of Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) Fruit at Different Maturity and Ripening Stages

صفحه 43-50
Farid Moradinezhad؛ Fatemeh Setayesh؛ Sohrab Mahmoodi؛ Mehdi Khayyat


A Simple and Efficient Direct Shoot Organogenesis Method Using Leafy Petiole Explants in Gerbera jamesonii ‘Royal Soft Pink’

صفحه 51-58
Farzad Nazari؛ Morteza Khosh-Khui؛ Pejman Azadi


Assessing Potential of Iranian Chicory Genotypes for Industrial Application

صفحه 59-68
Hadi Shoorideh؛ Seyed Ali Peighambari؛ Mansour Omidi؛ Mohammad Reza Naghavi؛ Assad Maroufi


Different Ripening Indices and Quality Attributes of Different Groups of Cucumis melo

صفحه 69-76
Mohsen Hatami؛ Siamak Kalantari؛ Forouzande Soltani


Effects of Pre- and Postharvest Treatments of Silicon and Rice Hull Ash on Vase Life of Gerbera

صفحه 77-87
Neda Aghajani؛ Mehrdad Jafarpour


Genetic Variation within Iranian Iris Species Using Morphological Traits

صفحه 89-98
Mohammad Hossein Azimi؛ Zahra Tahernezhad؛ Mohammad Javad Zamani

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