Modeling spatial distribution of Tehran air pollutants using geostatistical methods incorporate uncertainty maps

صفحه 375-386
Mansour Halimi؛ Manuchehr Farajzadeh؛ Zahra Zarei


Status and preparation of prediction models for ozone as an air pollutant in Shiraz, Iran

صفحه 387-397
Masoud Masoudi؛ Fatemeh Ordibeheshti؛ Neda Rajaipoor؛ Mohammad Sakhaei


Status and evaluation of the selected soil nutrients irrigated by unconventional water (Case study: Qom)

صفحه 399-409
Mina Arast؛ Gholamreza Zehtabian؛ Mohammad Jafari؛ Hassan Khosravi؛ Bahareh Jabalbarezi


Seasonal variability in water chemistry and sediment characteristics of intertidal zone at Karnafully estuary, Bangladesh

صفحه 411-423
Debbrota Mallick؛ Md. Islam؛ Avijit Talukder؛ Shamindra Mondal؛ Md. Al-Imran؛ Satchidananda Biswas


Public health risk assessment of chromium intake from vegetable grown in the wastewater irrigated site in Bangladesh

صفحه 425-432
Fahad Ahmed؛ Md. Shakhaoat Hossain؛ Abu Tareq Abdullah؛ Md. Ahedul Akbor؛ Md. Aminul Ahsan


Summer time variation and unexpected nocturnal peak in precursors related Surface ozone concentration in air over a tropical coastal regionof Southern Tamil Nadu, India

صفحه 433-448
R Krishna Sharma؛ S Nagaveena


Modeling for vehicular pollution in urban region; A review

صفحه 449-460
Awkash Kumar


Assessment of major ionic compositions and anthropogenic influences in the rainwater over a coal mining environment of Damodar River basin, India

صفحه 461-474
Mukesh Mahato؛ Prasoon Singh؛ Abhay Singh؛ Ashwani Tiwari


Short-term prediction of atmospheric concentrations of ground-level ozone in Karaj using artificial neural network

صفحه 475-488
Gholamreza Asadollahfardi؛ Mojtaba Tayebi Jebeli؛ Mahdi Mehdinejad؛ Mohammad Javad Rajabipour


Challenges and developments of bioretention facilities in treating urban stormwater runoff; A review

صفحه 489-508
Husna Takaijudin؛ Aminuddin Ab Ghani؛ Nor Azazi Zakaria

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