A dichotomous perceptions on talent retention factors: Phenomenography strategy

صفحه 675-706
Solaleh Shahvazian؛ Saeed Mortazavi؛ Mohammad Lagzian؛ Fariborz Rahimnia


The value relevance of accounting disclosures among listed Nigerian firms: IFRS adoption

صفحه 707-740
Mohammed Yusuf Alkali؛ Nor Asma Lode


An optimal model for Project Risk Response Portfolio Selection (P2RPS) (Case study: Research institute of petroleum industry)

صفحه 741-765
Rahman Soofifard؛ Morteza Khakzar Bafruei


Leadership: Where organization studies meet ethics

صفحه 767-782
Antonio Marturano


Application of n-distance balanced graphs in distributing management and finding optimal logistical hubs

صفحه 783-793
Mehdi Alaeiyan؛ Hassan Kharazi


Human resource management applications in the developing world: Empowering employees

صفحه 795-800
Ronald J. Burke


An integrated simulation-DEA approach to multi-criteria ranking of scenarios for execution of operations in a construction project

صفحه 801-827
Mojtaba Torabi؛ Hashem Mahlooji


Employee engagement and two types of bureaucracy: An investigation into the top-four Iranian universities

صفحه 829-853
Asal Aghaz؛ Asra Tarighian


The impact of technological innovation capabilities on competitive performance of Iranian ICT firms

صفحه 855-882
Seyed Mohamad Hadi Razavi؛ Ghasem Ramezanpoor Nargesi؛ Hojatallah Hajihoseini؛ Morteza Akbari


On modeling door-to-door parcel delivery services in Iran

صفحه 883-906
Farzad Bahrami؛ Hossein Safari؛ Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam؛ Mohammad Modarres Yazdi

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب